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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Looking to buy an apartment? We've pulled together all our sales statistics to bring you a fresh snapshot of the Dubai property market.


Dubai apartment prices are on the rise and if you know where to look you can still find great value for money. So if you're looking to buy to live in, or to rent out, our latest guide will give you a few keen insights to help you find the right property at the right price.


You'll quickly see that while Dubai Marina is always a favourite, most activity is around the more affordable properties. The best part is, the market is buoyant and showing gains that far outshine most global markets.


So start here and when you're done, drop us a line on +971 600 52 2233 | to discuss the areas you desire most.

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Amr sultanU.A.E.Amr sultan said:

Interested in studio or 1 bed room

AdminU.A.E.Admin said:

Dear Amr Sultan, Would you be so kind to drop a note to our Customer Care Team with your enquiry including your personal contact number and email so we can reach you directly?
Many thanks,
Better Homes Team

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