Defining a Dubai style in the home

Monday, April 22, 2013

With Better Homes having seen the interiors of thousands of Dubai homes over the years, we wondered – is there a signature ‘Dubai’ style? Zen Interiors Manager Alex Henderson gave us his insight into Dubai style:


Multicultural Influences

Multicultural influences: Dubai is a city is made up of so many nationalities and often our homes have absorbed multicultural elements in their design and decoration. Being a travel hub, many residing here enjoy visiting a range of countries and this is another reason you will find homes in Dubai often have an eclectic, personal mix of decorative elements from different countries.



Traces of origin

Traces of origin: Resident’s country of origin often dictates the main design and decoration feel in the home. To generalize trends that we see, most Europeans like a clean modern design, while those from the Gulf prefer more neutral colours. Those from the sub-continent often prefer a room to be set aside for prayer.



First impression bling

First impression bling: most people living here will want their home to have a ‘wow’ factor and this has become part of a Dubai style. The entrance to the home has become an important part of home design in Dubai, where home owners want to make a lasting impression on their guests. This can be done with console tables and eye-catching mirrors, wall treatment such as stucco, funky floor rugs and lamps.




Entertainment essentials: Continuing with the concept of pleasing guests, the entertainment area in Dubai homes is of great importance. The larger villas have their own seating areas such as a majilis, where often no expense is spared on branded sofas and tables. Even smaller areas of the house can be filled up with separate seating areas, in case guests want some privacy to chat or read away from the television.



Outdoor is the new indoor

Outdoor is the new indoor: One of the reasons so many of us live in Dubai is the beautiful weather we get in the winter months. People are increasingly seeing the importance of having a balcony where they can enjoy a warm Dubai evening, and furnish it with some comfortable outdoor sofas and plants.

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