Dubai Hotel Apartments Services - Tourists & Visitors

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dubai Hotel Apartments Services - Tourists & Visitors


There is an extensive choice of hotel apartments and luxury hotel apartments available for visitors to Dubai that appeal to all levels of budget type and style preference. Tourism and making visitors of all cultures and nationalities feel welcome has become synonymous with Dubai’s own generous culture. The growth of the Dubai hotel apartments industry over the last 10 years has given potential clients greater choice in where they stay and how much they spend when they do. Hotel apartments in Dubai created for both tourist and business traveller alike, used to offer a mainstream standard of service, while today, the ever growing numbers of visitors to Dubai has encouraged the hotel apartment industry to raise its service standards by catering to the Dubai luxury hotel apartment visitor. Competition within the industry is tight as both tourists and business travellers are more quality savvy, forcing hotel apartments in Dubai and the Dubai’s luxury hotel apartments to continuously raise their bar. 


Hotel apartments in Dubai are popular with singles, married couples and families alike because they include services that make tourists and visitors to Dubai feel more at home than they would staying at a hotel; from a kitchen or kitchenette service within the unit to interior decor that creates a more personal space, two elements that many visitors to both hotel apartments in Dubai and to Dubai luxury hotel apartments enjoy. According to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing the number of guest nights spent in Dubai hotel apartments grew by about 4% in the first half of 2014. The Dubai hotel apartment industry appeals to many tourists and business travellers visiting the Emirate for the location and experience so the luxury hotels in this case, may not be key in the final travel package decision; and as long as the industry has a service offering for both the low, mid and high-end of the market, hotel apartments in Dubai and Dubai luxury hotel apartments will continue to expand and grow. And, as the industry gears up for the arrival of Expo 2020, tourists and visitors from all over the world will drive the quality of service at all budget levels.

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