Dubai Interior Design Trends-Making Dubai Captivating

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Unmatched growth and progress in a short period of time have enabled Dubai to become the travel and business hub of Middle East. Breathtaking real estate developments like Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa, and architectural wonders like Palm Islands have made it popular among tourists, who love exploring wonderful places. But it is not enough to build concrete and glass structures. They have got to be renovated to become comfortable and livable. If you observe the residential and commercial dwellings anywhere on the globe you will find that every city has setup its standards to improve interiors of houses and commercial spaces to provide comfortable indoors for all. Temperature and climatic conditions greatly affect interior design trends of any city. Being located on Arabian deserts temperature tends to be high in Dubai during the day and especially during summer season.


Interior Design Trends in Dubai

Interior Designing in Dubai

Decorating interiors is important for both residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Developers pay special attention on ornamentation of their resorts, hotels, villas, apartments and single family homes to provide luxury lifestyle and amenities for their clients. Commercial and retail outlets have also been adorned to provide state of the art and well equipped commercial space as well as to create impression in visitor’s mind. In fact interior designing has become an industry in the city. Professional interior designers are providing interior design services for everyone. Those days have gone, when the city was striving to furnish its hotels to compete with international market standards. Now Emirate’s hotels and resorts have been acknowledged as the international trademark because of the luxury and lavish interiors.

Famous Interior Design Trends in Dubai

Being favorite choice among tourists and second home seekers across the world, Dubai is a mix of diverse cultures. People from all corners of the world visit this city for different reasons. To execute the needs of its multicultural population, Emirate’s developers and interior designers keep variety of cultures in their mind while building and renovating residential and commercial spaces without compromising the symbol of luxury associated with the Emirate. It is believed that trends have changed so frequently. Despite this people usually follow certain basic types of interior design themes with amendments and modifications. Alteration in basic components like colors, lighting and furniture maintain freshness in designs. Interior design theme of your home or office will efficiently display the mood and personality of residents. That’s why it has advised to decorate your house and office space in a way to develop positive image.


Like all other industries interior design and construction trends are keep on changing. People follow the latest trends like fashion. Following are most widely acquired interior design trends in Dubai.

Classic Interior Design Theme

Originated from Greek and Roman design, the Classic interior design theme is popular in Dubai. Despite getting developed, Dubai has not forgotten its past. Arabs have innate love with their traditions and history. One can see their affection with their past in their architecture and interior designs. Lot of city’s hotels, resorts and prestigious developments have been decorated according to classic design theme. Being old and traditional, it doesn’t mean to appear old rather it includes old but wonderful decorating objects. Interiors that have been ornamented according to classic theme encompass the use of centerpieces like a mirror with old design, fireplace, huge chandelier, vases or an antique statue. The leading colors are of Mother Nature like shades of deep blue, yellow, green and colors of earth tones. The black color is use as outliner to contour important items. Centerpieces are used to balance a perfect symmetry in interiors so that if you divide a room from center both the sides display a specific environment. The design theme has been widely used in hotels, residential developments, schools, commercial office spaces and official establishments. Despite being old the style is liked in almost every generation. Although the theme include using lot of accessories and decorating stuff but the beauty of design is that it makes place ostentatious without being glorified. Choosing the theme will enable you to create stylish and sophisticated interiors for your office or home.

Modern Interior Design Theme

Evolved during the mid of the century, modern interior design theme is another most widely used theme in Dubai. The design theme can be easily identified with clean and simple interiors. Being the modern design theme, it includes new things and accessories. Considering simplicity throughout the design, designers tend to use pure colors like black, white and neutral colors with vibrant shades of primary colors like red, green, yellow and pink. The theme involve using clean and defined lines, use of natural materials like wood, leather, teak, linen, glass, metal and chrome. To improve functionality and to enhance the concept of freedom, modern design theme does not involve decorating accessories. The use of single color with bold contrasts of primary colors creates a visual backdrop. The main point is to provide more space by making the environment clutter free and airy. Most of the times floors are left uncovered and floor coverings are usually the small wool rugs. As Dubai has successfully get itself recognized among advanced and well developed countries on the globe. Its designers consider using modern design theme to gratify its image as modern city.


Designing and renovating interiors of offices, homes, commercial and retail spaces is just not a fashion, rather it is the need of everyone. People spent more time inside the buildings as compared to outside which makes sense to take care of interiors. If you leave your home or office dull and unorganized it can badly affect your mood and creative skills. Irrespective to the place choosing suitable interior design theme is essential to improve quality of life.


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