Effective Marketing Ideas for Dubai Real Estate

Monday, August 13, 2012

Real Estate is one of the toughest businesses present today and this goes tighter and tougher when you are in one of the most competitive market around the world like Dubai and UAE. Real Estate business owners in Dubai and UAE work on different tactics to bring in new clients and leads for the business.


Technology, where helps millions also helps the way this business works and Real Estate owners in Dubai and UAE find some out the routine and new ways to market their business and get more leads out of it.

Email Marketing:

email marketingThis is one of the easiest ways to interact with the people you have met in the past and this also helps you encounter the new people who are interested in your services. You can simply send the newsletter out with some industry news to make it readable to your audience and show them the properties you have available for sell, rent or buy.


This will make the interested people contact you instead of you cold calling to the potential customers. Email marketing usually has a less opening ratio but due to the high conversion rate this is one of the most preferable tactics to bring more leads to the business.

Online Surveys:

Online SurveysRealtors need more and more information about what the potential customer is looking for so that they can show them the property that fits their need and style. In order to do that one of the finest way is to run online surveys on the website and encourage visitors to fill the online surveys.


This will help you get more data about your customers that you can later use to bring business to the company. Usually short and effective online surveys go really successful and help business tailor their services as per the customers.

Active Website:

active websiteIt’s a bit common tactic of 2012 but still worth considering. Website with active updates about properties and large data bases are great for people to convert in to lead. Search Engines these days contain lot of targeted traffic and if you rank better from your desired key phrases you will defiantly receive that traffic and will convent good amount of serious buyers in to leads.


Better Homes is itself the living example of it as we contain a great data base of properties that are available for buy, sell or rent and at the same time we are appearing on top with every possible keyword related to the real estate industry in Dubai and UAE.

Social Media:

Social MediaThis is the gem of marketing in 2012. In my option this is very beneficial in the longer run but it requires a good amount of time and dedication to build and grow the fan base but once done this can give you great return on investment and according to some case studies better than any other marketing tactic we usually used.


Marketing is not any more limited to TV commercial and news paper ads but with the boom of internet and online media in Dubai and UAE more and more tactics are coming up and to win the continuous leads and grow business one must stay up to date with all the new trends and adopt accordingly.

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