Major Under Construction Projects of Dubai World Central

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soon after the announcement of Dubai World Central Project in year 2006, the project showed fast rate of construction and development work. It is the largest multi-phased urban property development project owned by Dubai Government. Upon its completion the project will occupy total area of 240, 000 sq m. The project consist of six major phases, which include DWC Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Aviation City, Dubai Logistics City, Dubai World Central – Residential City, Dubai World Central – Commercial City and Dubai Golf City. State Government announced this project with the aim to enhance Dubai’s image as an international business, finance, trade and tourism hub in the Middle Eastern region.


Dubai World Central


Dubai World Central – Residential City and Dubai World Central – Commercial City are two major sub-districts of DWC, which holds special importance among local and foreign nationals and investors, due to availability of freehold residential properties and freezone commercial properties to setup new businesses.

Dubai World Central – Residential City

DWC Residential City occupies 715 hectares of area. It is the residential district of DWC that provides 5 to 10 storey high apartment blocks at affordable prices. The sub district is very suitable for middle-income expats and locals working in Dubai City. It can accommodate around 250,000 people in residential blocks whereas it also accommodates 20,000 people working in the commercial blocks of the district. The district will be well equipped with all civic facilities like schools, shopping malls and three to five stars hotels. Furthermore, residential properties include multi storey apartments and two storey villas. To facilitate its residents and people employed in DWC Residential City, the district will possess its own rail system that connects this district with Dubai Metro at five distinct points. DWC Residential City can be subdivided in two major phases, Phase I and Phase II.

Phase I

Phase I of DWC Residential City consist of freehold land plots that have been sold out in year 2007 to developers where they are allowed to construct residential buildings following master guidelines of the project.

Phase II

Phase II of the project is occupying 184 hectare land area in the district. Upon its completion it will be largest phase of this district. The development will have the capacity to accommodate 53,000 people. The sub-district has 19 plots to construct mixed-used property developments whereas 9 plots are especially dedicated for commercial property projects.

Dubai World Central – Commercial City

Master plan for DWC – Commercial City was finalized in October 2007. The sub-district will cover total area around 85,600,000 sq ft. According to an estimate total population of the district will be 450,000. DWC Commercial City is expected to be the new financial and trade hub of the region. Project also has a 45 storey commercial tower which is capable to provide employment opportunities to 150, 000 people. Whole project possess more than 850 multiple story commercial towers. It also has 3-5 star hotels. Few land plots are also sold to independent developers, where they are allowed to build towers, which design follows master plan suggested by Dubai World Central. DWC Commercial City is subdivided in to eight zones:

  • The urban village
  • Lake district
  • The seven towers
  • Central park
  • Creative commercial district
  • Grand central
  • Business District
  • Residential crescent

In addition to commercial towers, the district will also possess super deluxe homes and luxury villas to provide accommodation. All residential dwellings are built according to the master plan guideline of the Dubai World Central District.


Despite of the fast construction and development of Dubai World Central Projects, the project still undergoes construction and developmental process. And the district is expected to complete in year 2025.

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