Insider Tips for Investing in Downtown Dubai

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Downtown Dubai

Property in Downtown Dubai is now on the list of must-haves for global property buyers. Downtown Dubai offers an exquisite shopping experience, classy eateries, luxury hotels and a lifestyle on par or even surpassing many of the major cities in the world. With the construction of the Cultural Quarter within Downtown already under way, the last piece of the jigsaw is finally in place. If you want to live or invest in this area, visit our agents in the Business Bay office. Call +971 4 422 6708 for more.


If you are interested in investing in the area, here is what our Downtown Specialist Mujtaba Virani has to say:


Downtown Dubai is for those that like the finer things in life. Everything about the area oozes style and sophistication: from its restaurants, the luxury hotels, the Old Town Quarter, the souks, the fountain, to its manicured streets and luxury apartments.


There is considerable demand for property in the Downtown area—this can be the most significant challenge a buyer faces when looking to purchase here. Properties that have the best location within Downtown – i.e. with views of the Burj Khalifa and The Fountains are rarely on the market and when available they are sold within hours or days.


Therefore, buyers face increased competition. If a property hunter finds a unit that he likes, he should make a decision quickly or he is likely to face disappointment.


Prices vary considerably in the Downtown area depending on which side of the Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard one is looking at. Prices tend to be considerably higher on the side towards The Dubai Fountains and the Burj Khalifa as views play a considerable part in the asking price.


My tip for hottest property in Downtown would have to be Standpoint.


The finishing is excellent; the floor plan is well thought and thorough. Nearly all apartments in Standpoint A have either a view of the fountain or Burj Khalifa. With the Cultural Quarter being built just in front of it, residents will have a world class opera house and a museum on their door step.


Sure you may have to deal with a bit of noise for the next few months—still the capital appreciation once the area is complete will be significant.

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