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Monday, December 7, 2015


Renting a studio automatically conjures images of cramped spaces and jail cells. When someone opts for a studio, itusually means that the renter simply cannot afford a onebedroom or that he/she is willing to sacrifice space to live in a specific neighbourhood or a building that features lots of modern amenities. 


You can find luxury studio apartments for rent in Dubai that are as expensive as a two bedroom pad depending on the location and type of building. If the studio is in a prime location like Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina – communities that feature top-of-the-line properties and amenities– you’ll pay even more. Studio apartments can vary greatly in size in Dubai. While some may barely hold a desk and bed, others may bebig enough to house afamily.


Here are features that differentiate ordinary studios from luxury studio apartments for rent in Dubai.

1. Have separate zones

Keep dining, sleeping and relaxing areas separate. Create a dining area by setting up a small table and chairs near the entry. Allocate your couch and TV for your living room. Place your bed and nightstand near the window. Try to create a sense of privacy by placing a bookshelf or foldable screen between the living and relaxing areas.


2. The view

Fancy skyline or sweeping waterfront views in every direction? Check out studio apartments for rent in Better Homes. Wake up to soothing views of the water and unwind with inspiring sunset vistas. They will also you the feeling of having more space. 


3. A separate kitchen

The kitchen may be small,but having it separated from the main living area will keep you from having to stare at dishes in the sink from the couch or bed.


4. Floor-to-ceiling windows

They open up the living space, allow more light to penetrate the room and prevent that horrible shoebox feel. High ceilings also enable you to create more shelf space for your stuff and keep your floors clutter-free.


5. Closets

Having two or three closets will help you stay organised.


6. Communal areas

You may not be able to throw a party in your studio, but if your building has a rooftop deck or terrace, you could still easily play host.


Looking for luxury studio apartments for rent in Dubai? Here are luxury studio apartments for rent in Better Homes that you may like. Offering a luxury ambiance and practical and modern living spaces, these pads are a must-see.


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