10 Benefits of Moving to Dubai

Thursday, January 7, 2016

benefits of moving to Dubai


Dubai is a city of superlatives in ways more than one. It is also a city of contradictions in a sense. So, while the emirate is making great efforts to rediscover and preserve its cultural heritage, it is also embracing the technological advancements of the modern world and aiming to be on the global map in every sphere. 

Consequently, working and living in Dubai can be an exhilarating experience if one arrives in the emirate with an open mind and is sensitive to the cultural milieu here.

Given its strategic location and dynamic tax-free lifestyle, the benefits of moving to Dubai are numerous. Here are 10 such benefits.

1. Tax-free income

One of the major attractions for expats looking to work in the city is the lack of income tax. This means that everything you earn is yours to spend!

2. Dynamic lifestyle

Tax-free living results in a higher disposable income, making Dubai a very attractive place for living and working. Most people who work here can also enjoy a high level of comfort and afford products and services that they may not be able to enjoy in their home countries.

3. Multicultural workforce

With the growth of tourism and a non-oil dependent economy, a huge proportion of Dubai’s population comprises of non-nationals from all over the world, resulting in a cosmopolitan work force. This affords people the opportunity to work and connect with people from many other countries and gain exposure by working on high-profile international projects that they may not have the chance to explore in their own home countries. 

4. Numerous career opportunities

As a relatively young economy that is advancing rapidly, Dubai is on its way to establishing efficient processes in myriad industries such as media, real estate, construction, telecommunications and information technology. This opens up many opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs with unique skill sets who are looking for good work or set up businesses in the emirate. The government is also attracting foreign investors by establishing numerous free zones that serve as hubs for businesses in areas such as Dubai Media City, Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai Knowledge Village.

5. No language barrier

Unlike many other countries where English may not be widely spoken, English is an importance language of communication amongst the majority of people who live and work in Dubai. Hence, one need not be afraid that language may be a hindrance towards the establishment of new overseas businesses. Meetings are largely conducted in English and many of the local population speak and understand the language, making it easier for residents from all over the world to do business with the local population.

6. Lucrative salaries and benefits

Most employers in Dubai offer a healthy compensation package that includes health insurance, 30 days of holidays per annum and annual tickets to fly to your home country. Additionally, some companies offer housing allowances, flexible working hours, bonuses and schooling allowances. 

7. Strategic location

Owing largely to its central location, Dubai is less than 5-6 hours of flying time from the majority of the world’s major commercial destinations including Europe, North Africa and Asia, aside from being a world class business hub.

8. Impressive infrastructure

The city features well-planned infrastructure to cope with the increasing influx of expats and visitors to the region. The roads are well designed and maintained and the Dubai Metro connects major parts of the emirate.

9. Amazing opportunity for home ownership

Pick the right mortgage, buy a pad you can afford and home ownership can be a very savvy financial move in Dubai. Prices have stabilised and the Dubai real estate market has matured, making this a great time for purchasing property. Better Homes Dubai offers some of the latest properties in the market, so make sure you  check our site for a wide selection of real estate.

10. In addition to these advantages, Dubai has world-class attractions, entertainment avenues and a dynamic night life, making it a highly sought-after city to work and live in.

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