Personal Home Inspection Checklist

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Emotions can run high when you’re buying a home. You see bay windows and suddenly everything else looks twenty times better. You may even miss evidence of termites. What you need is a checklist that you can run through while exploring different homes.


Home Inspection


Sure, you’re going to—later on in the process—bring in a professional home inspector, but you may as well get to know the home that may end up yours as best as you can and save anywhere from Dh500-Dh1500 on inspections for each home you can eliminate right off.

Enter The Personal Home Inspection Checklist

  1. Outlets & Switches. It’s pretty obvious that you’re looking to make sure that everything is in fine working order (so you won’t have to call in an electrician the week you move in).
  2. Pipes and Drains. How’s the water flow in the kitchen? Does the disposal system work well? How about the water flow in the shower? Does flushing precipitate strange noises? There’s nothing you want to deal with less than a burst drain pipe on your property. If you love the home, and you’re concerned, ask about a drain inspection.
  3. Air Conditioner. This is a simple and straightforward step. Is the home adequately cooled? Are there hot spots that the cooling system doesn’t reach? Does the air conditioner do its job, period?
  4. Signs of Infestation. Ants and other small insects can and will squeeze their way into a home. That’s Nature’s way. Frankly, a few tiny black ants escaping the heat isn’t going to ruin your life, but it’s another thing entirely if there’s a whole expanding colony verging into your basement. And you’ve got a serious problem if there is an infestation of bed bugs or cockroaches. Look for cracked wood surfaces where termites can squeeze through. Also watch out for hollow-sounding wood.


You definitely shouldn’t rely on your own observations if you’re really thrilled with a prospective home. You want a trained home inspection professional to make sure you didn’t miss anything. I compiled this list solely to help you eliminate obvious issues that you can get the homeowner to address (and if he or she won’t, you can probably eliminate that home from your list).


About Author: Chris Miller is a professional writer, blogger, and English grammar enthusiast. Chris enjoys learning about new health products, procedures, and ideas.


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