Real Estate Trends In Dubai

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Real Estate Trends In Dubai


The Dubai real estate market has matured over the years and will continue this trajectory through increased property market regulation. Lessons have been learned from the real estate crash of 2008 which has imbued those responsible for managing the growth and structure of the industry with knowledge they apply to the future of a stable market.  For real estate Dubai to continue to flourish new measures will be implemented in 2015 that include: (1) a real estate agent’s broker license passing grade to be increased from 75% to 85% (2) Broker registration will be linked to Emirates ID and broker cards eliminated (3) Only 4 broker visas available to brokerage startups with additional visas based on performance and (4) Registrations will be cancelled for brokers who fail to process any transactions for 6 - 12 months. For this fast growing Dubai real estate market these continuous advances to industry regulation bode well for real estate Dubai to improve performance all around. Better Homes Dubai has been a part of the industry’s growth for almost 30 years and like so many real estate companies in the Emirate, ensured it progressed and advanced its own systems and procedures.


Starting with a relatively simple business model today it has multiple divisions and hundreds of property agents and support staff to provide a competitive service in an increasingly competitive field. Better Homes Dubai today employs nearly 500 people across the UAE and GCC region with service divisions that include residential sales and leasing, commercial sales and leasing, property management and short-term rentals. And, every day our company’s goal is to look for new ways to bring new and better services to our customers in order to maintain our position as market leader. Real estate trends in Dubai looking ahead should see more alternative communities with more affordable rents and payment plans continue to grow that include all of the necessary amenities such as schools, retail and essential shopping options, fitness facilities and so on built within the particular community, enabling residents to reduce their commute time other than perhaps their access to work. The Dubai real estate market continues to be a relatively stable one in spite of oil price worries and volatility in the region and thanks to a diversified economy should continue to attract investment and expect positive real estate trends for the property industry with real estate Dubai investment opportunities abound. 

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