The Tips and Tricks to Renting a Home

Sunday, December 13, 2015


If you haven’t done it before, Dubai rental property may present some unfamiliar challenges. In some ways, the ongoing relationship with the landlord makes renting more like keeping a job than simply paying for a product.


Choosing a good place when you rent property in Dubai is just the first step. However, there are ways to make sure your next renting experience is a pleasant one. Here are our top tips for anyone looking to rent property in Dubai.


1. Do your research

Investigate the neighbourhood. Don't think too short-term when you rent property in Dubai. How long is the commute to your workplace? Is it family friendly? Make sure this is the area you want to live in. If you have children, look into the local schools.


2. Take your time when you view Dubai rental property

Check everything carefully. Isthe propertyequipped?Are the windows in good condition? Take a checklist with you when viewing properties you really like.


3. Know your rights

Get a heads up on laws on tenants’ rights when you rent property in Dubai. In the first few days of moving in to the Dubai rental property, make a note of all the problems you spot and let your agent or landlord know so that they get them fixed right away and you don’t get charged for damages when you move out.


4. Get it in writing

Before you sign, make sure that the lease agreement incorporates everything you verbally discussed with the landlord. Ensure thatall points and clauses are clearly spelled out becauseif something is not in writing, then it’s not binding. 


5. Tell your landlord if there are problems

You may know that the dishwasher has stopped working, but unless you report that to your agent or landlord, they wouldn’t know about it. Don't be shy in asking for help and having things fixed at no cost to you, as it is one of the advantages of being a tenant. 


6. Be honest

Being a good tenant involves more than just paying the rent on time. If you're going to have trouble paying your rent one month, be honest with your landlord. This will help you get his/her help when you have a problem at some point. Also, take care of the unit you're renting. If you damage anything, own up to it. 


Check out our handy checklist of items to keep in mind before you sign the lease on your Dubai rental property. Happy hunting!

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