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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Home for SaleEvery homeowner can think to sell their own home at any stage of their life. There are different reasons to sell your own property. Sometimes you might need more space or you want to shift and accommodate yourself in a community offering high standard of living as compared to the community you are living in. Commonly people think to make necessary repairs before putting their home for sale. Every homeowner wants to make some profits upon selling their homes. Landlords who are selling their home for the first time are prone to make costly mistakes while selling their houses. The most common mistake mostly homeowners do is thinking to save money by avoid hiring real estate agents. Inexperienced sellers think that it’s enough to put a note “For Sale” on the lawn board or outer boundary of their house. They think that they can save money and time they will be spending on searching and hiring a real estate broker for marketing and selling their home to suitable client. Actually they are not familiar with detail work involved in selling houses with profits.


In addition to hiring a professional real estate agent, there are several other things that a homeowner should include in his check list once he has decided to sell his home. It’s a natural desire of every seller to make some good profits with selling his property. Whether you are observing real estate market of Canada, Europe or Middle East, you will find that homeowners perform various types of remodeling to upgrade comfort level and add some extra to make their asset more attractive so that buyers will become more willing for purchasing. Following are some important things that homeowners should consider to include in his checklist whenever they have decided to sell their houses.

Reason of Selling Your Home

Every homeowner must know the reason to sell his home. May be you are not really willing to sell your house and you have just decided to sell your home because for some reasons you are shifting any other area or town in the same city or another city. To avoid disappointments you should be very clear and well decided about selling your home.

Are you interested in buying new home?

It is very common reason for selling personal property. A lot of homeowners are selling their homes when they think to buy a new more spacious home in another community. To make wise decision experts suggested making a list of all neighborhoods and communities where you are willing to buy new home. You can easily find suitable home in any of the desired community by visiting open houses available on website of any reputable property management firm offering real estate services. This way you can save your time and easily compare property prices in different communities. After comparing prices and lifestyle amenities offered by different communities, it may be possible you want to stay in same community where you currently live.

Hiring Real Estate Agent or Broker

Once you have finally decided to sell your home, you should hire a professional real estate agent working with registered agency. Signing up a professional will simplify the overall process of selling and purchasing of houses. They can prepare complete market analysis to provide useful advices about all necessary things that may affect the sale of your house. Such things include suggestion and planning about essential repairs in your home, removing and shifting bulky furniture, home staging of your home to make your home attractive and setting up a final price on which you want to sale out your home and estimate of net profits you can make with selling your home.

Choosing a Lender

Although you are going to sell your home with profits, you may need extra amount to purchase another property. That’s why it is necessary to arrange finances in case of extra amount you may need to buy a new home. It is better to checkout financing options offered by lenders. Compare rates and fees of lenders providing mortgage loans. You need to obtain a preapproval letter for loan you are qualifying to obtain. Don’t apply for maximum mortgage you can get as lower mortgage payments are more comfortable to pay in long terms. Always compare types of mortgage loans and pick wisely.

Don’t Buy Before You Sell

It is good not to purchase a home before selling your current property. It is a common mistake made by home owners who are selling their houses with aim to purchase house in another area. Such sellers get tempted with beautiful property pictures displayed on websites. If you want to earn profits and save money on purchasing your dream home, it is better to sell your home first.

Whether property owners selling their properties with aim to earn profits or thinking to find accommodation in other community and they may also selling their home as short sale (when owners are not able to afford paying remaining mortgages on their assets) considering this checklist will help them to improve their profits and don’t let them losing extra money.

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Natalia JasonIndiaNatalia Jason said:

amazing checklist. I would surely follow before i make up my mind to sell my home which i will do sooner.

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