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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

About Simsari

Simsari is an electronic web based product designed and developed by Emirates Real Estate Solutions an authorized agency to provide technological solutions for real estate industry of UAE. It is approved by State Government of the Emirate of Dubai and Dubai Land Department. It was previously launched in year 2006 as the only government supported online real estate portal by two renowned privately owned corporate innovators Tamweel and Tejari. Later Dubai Dubai Land Department nationalized this private brand and Simsari was taken over by RERA Real Estate Regulatory Authority supported by Dubai Land Department. The primary aim of launching this online registration system is to develop genuine and trusted Multiple Listing Portal in order to regulate real estate brokers allowing them to create contractual offers.

Re-launching of

SimsariAs RERA took over Simsari (an online property registration portal) for sellers and brokers, it was expected to re-launch in June 2012. Things were in progress and RERA has finally ordered and approved property owners and property brokerage firms to register all of their assets available for sale on And by the end of August those who have not get their properties registered with will have to face penalties. RERA clearly mentioned this fact in an official notice issued to all brokerage firms on 19 July 2012. The deadline for property registration with this online portal is 31 August, 2012. Dubai Land Department and RERA will consider it as a mandatory requirement from 1st September 2012. Therefore, all RERA approved real estate brokers and property management firms who don’t get their properties registered on this online registration system before this deadline will be penalized.

Advantage of Simsari

Major benefit of registering properties with this new legislative online registration portal is that it will successfully limit the number of ghost listings in Dubai. It is a common practice of real estate property sellers to list a single property with several brokerage firms with different prices. After registering with Simsari, every real estate agency or agent is only being able to list one property with not more than three property management firms.


It provides detail information about listed properties with financial approval. Interested buyers can purchase properties via bidding thorough online auction systems. In contrast for sellers, Simsari provides complete property marketing services and partnership with other agents. After the re-launching of Simsari under the regulation of RERA, it successfully end fake property listings and brokers.


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