The truth on renting in Dubai

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Renting in Dubai has been a confusing experience for many expats. It is hard to know what the right process is, who to trust, and what rights you have. Recent rent scams have shown the Dubai rent market is one that requires you to stay on your game.


Dubai Rentals


Better Homes has put this step-by-step guide for renters in Dubai. The infographic ‘Don’t Get Duped In Dubai’ is an easy-to-use resource to share with family, friends and colleagues. Better Homes has a 30-year history in Dubai, and is a trusted source on property.


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Gillian CloeteU.A.E.Gillian Cloete said:

Good day,

Rent was quite low last year. And again its up again this year. What is the maximum percentage a landlord/agent can increase the rent for the upcoming year? And can the landlord/agent increase the rent anually?

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