5 fool proof ways to stay cool this summer

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stay cool this summer

It is hard to believe but people have survived the scorching summer for thousands of years without air conditioning. Adopt these five tips to stay cool regardless of the reading on the thermostat.


If you aren't lucky enough to be part of the annual UAE summer exodus, you must be sharing in the communal anticipation for the upcoming summer. Many consider the relatively good weather we have been currently enjoying in the Emirates as an omen for a particular punishing summer. Whether this is your first or your fortieth summer in the UAE, staying cool will be on your top priority. Blasting the air conditioner at full throttle may seem like a good idea—but there are more effective and green ways to keep cool in the summer. Here are our top five picks for staying cool during the summer:


Home Decuration

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Reconsider your home décor: While huge woolen rugs, heavy curtains and snug throws may be the markers of a cozy home, they should be avoided if you want to keep cool. As summer rolls around, try and keep your home décor as light and airy as possible. Pack up the thick fabrics and opt for lighter drapes and nice cool empty spaces. Use white linens over bedding—this will help absorb the sunlight. Opt for light glossy curtains and keep them drawn right through the day to shut out all the sunlight—this is essential to keeping your house cool. If you don’t want to splurge on new upholstery, simply throw white sheets over the troublesome darker synthetic couches and other fixtures in your house.



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Switch off electronics when you aren’t using them: Be proactive about keeping cool by trying to limit the amount of heat you are producing. First on the list: electronics. From your massive LED TV, MAC PC or radio to keep running, there is a lot of electricity being produced and consequently a lot of heat being generated. Switching off appliances when you aren’t using them is not only a good way to stay environmentally friendly but also a great tip to stay cool. Also, be sure not to work with appliances like ovens and irons during the day. Save it for when the temperature cools down a bit. And while you are at it, switch from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs.


Dress Cool

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Dress cool: No, we aren’t talking about adopting the latest fashion trends. Rather, try and wear light natural fabrics like linens and cottons. Ditch the synthetic stuff and the heavy materials for when the weather in the Emirates gets tolerable. If you are still feeling hot, wrap a soaked towel around your neck or place a wet face towel on your forehead. Remember evaporation is the key to cooling down, so the more you can expose your body to water the better. Take a shower or if possible, go for a long swim. Your body temperature will drop considerably.



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Become a fan of fans: They may be a cooling device of the yesteryear, but if it is instant cooling off you want, turn on your table fan. Better still, put a jug of cold water ice in front of it and enjoy some icy chilled air circulating. If you insist on using your air conditioner, be sure to treat it well. Switch it off when you are not using it and keep up with regular maintenance. Change your ACs air filters, clean the cooling coils and always have a look at the refrigerant level.




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Drink up: And finally-it may be common sense, but don’t forget to stay hydrated. The key to staying cool is to make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. If that seems like a lot of water, add a sprig of mint or a dash of lemon to your pitcher to vary it up—the addition will help your hydrate better, at the very least.

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