What you need to know about living in Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Road

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Living in Jumeirah


Vibrancy, dynamism, ambience and character. In a city which is known for its youth, the Jumeirah District stands out from the rest because of its character and history. Now considered to be part of 'Old Dubai', the area is known and loved by UAE veterans for its proximity to schools, healthcare facilities and entertainment opportunities. So what do you need to know about living in Jumeirah or on the Sheikh Zayed Road before you move in? We break down the kind of accommodation available.


Known for its easy access to the beach, the important thing to understand about property in Jumeirah is that it is a leasehold area. Some areas can be sold, but only Emiratis and members of the GCC can buy land in the area. Villas are the most common form of accommodation as it is very rare to find apartment blocks in Jumeirah.


Built along the shore line, the villas have anywhere from three bedrooms to seven bedrooms each. Prices for the villas tend to vary considerably - not just due to location (waterfront villas are more expensive than villas in crowded complexes) but also according to the quality of landscaped gardens and furnishing. Over the past year, rents in the area have increased significantly. As of now, a three bedroom villa without a swimming pool will typically cost you a AED 200,000 a year to rent. On the other extreme, living in a fully furnished villa on the beach with a swimming pool and landscaped garden can set you back as far as AED 1,000,000 a year in rent.


Sheikh Zayed Road

Before Dubai Marina, there was Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR). One of the busiest roads in Dubai, SZR is home to some of the most glittering skyscrapers the city has to offer. Sufferers of spondylosis beware - trying to take it all in can be, quite literally, a pain in the neck. Living on SZR is appealing for various reasons. From its proximity to business districts (Business Bay, DIFC and Trade Centre) to the plethora of hotels, restaurants and other entertainment opportunities, the area has all the trademarks of a bustling metropolis.


As far as accommodation is concerned, residents can opt from studios to penthouses. While prices are likely to vary depending on the location and age of the building, here is a rough estimate for how much it costs to rent an apartment on SZR. A one bedroom can set you back anywhere between AED 85,000 to AED 95,000 a year. To rent a two bedroom apartment, expect to shell out AED 120,000 to AED 150,000 a year. Three bedroom apartments on SZR tend to be in the AED 170,000 to AED 250,000 range. A furnished penthouse duplex could cost as much as AED 350,000 a year.


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