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                                                                                     I love the sense
                                                                                   of cosiness as soon
                                                                                     as you enter the

                                                                                 HOME COMfOrts
                                                                                 My top décor tip is…
                                                                                 Work with a designer to master an individual
                                                                                 design based on your needs and taste.
                                                                                 My advice for choosing statement pieces is…
                                                                                 Consider the most meaningful and precious
                                                                                 things in your life. It could be an art
                                                                                 piece that reflects your background and
                                                                                 nationality or is personal to your family.
                                                                                 I can’t live without…
                                                                                 Travelling. It is crucial to improving my
                                                                                 creativity. Being based in the UAE with
                                                                                 Design Haus Medy has helped me to develop
                                                                                 an international creative working style – I’m
                                                                                 constantly challenged, and working with so
                                                                                 many international clients makes every
                                                                                 project special.

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