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sCHools: FuJAiRAH / RAs Al KHAimAH                             Autumn Term 2017
      gEms WiNCHEsTER   Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Multipurpose auditorium, Arts & crafts room, Music
      sCHool            Age: KG1 to Grade 9  room, library, media center, ICT rooms, Science & Technology
      (A gEms sCHool)   Term dates: September,   rooms.
      FuJAiRAH          January & April
      Fujairah          Fees: AED 22,000 to    Extracurricular activities: Art, Music, Football, Basketball,
      09 2014000        AED 31,000         Cricket, throwball, volleyball, athletics, sports days, overseas  Waiting list? On request  trips, world maths day  Transport? Yes

      ENglisH sCHool oF   Curriculum: UK/MOE  Facilities: Labs, including computer science, food technology,
      KAlbA (EsK)       Age: KG1 to Year 12  design technology, clinic, auditorium green room, refectory,
      Kalba             Term dates: Sep-Dec,   sports area.
      Fujairah          Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun
      09 277 8199       Fees: On request   Extracurricular activities: Science, music, sports, drama       Waiting list? On request  and theatre.
                        Transport? Yes

      FuJAiRAH pRivATE   Curriculum: UK    Facilities: Library, medical facility, science laboratories, activity,
                        Age: KG1 to Grade 13
                                           ICT suite, auditorium, play area.
      ACADEmy           Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      Fujairah          Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Extracurricular activities: Board games, chess, handicraft,
      09 222 4001       Fees: AED15,000 to   boardgames, yoga, basketball, taekwondo, singing, Arabic
      09 222 1140       AED34,000          story, weaving, science club, puppet show, fitness, table tennis,  Waiting list? On request  archaeology, football, knitting, zumba, jewellery making, ecology
                        Transport? No      club, book club, aerobics.
      ouR oWN ENglisH   Curriculum: Indian CBSE   Facilities: Sports, music, art and craft, general science labs,
      HigH sCHool       & National Curriculum for   computer labs, library, outdoor covered play areas, activity.
      (A gEms sCHool)   England
      FuJAiRAH          Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12  Extracurricular activities: Art and craft, drama, music, singing,
      Al Faseel         Term dates: Apr-Mar  painting, debate, cookery, elocution, football, interhouse quiz,
      Fujairah          Fees: AED5,150 to AED10,950  debate, cricket, basketball, maths, Olympiad, table tennis,
      09 222 7127       Waiting list? On request  inter-house dramatics, waste to wealth, NMTQ (Never Mind the  Transport? Yes  Question quiz programme), debate, declamation, movie making,                  cricket, throw ball and basket ball, math club, science club,
                                           robotics, eco school, gardening, social service.

      pAKisTAN islAmiA   Curriculum:   FBISE SSC, HSSC  Facilities: Labs, auditorium, canteen, sports area.
      sCHool            Age: KG1 to Grade 12
      Al Faseel         Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Extracurricular activities: Essay writing competitions, elocution
      Fujairah          Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   and debates, quiz competitions, drama, morning assembly
      09 222 3130       Fees: AED1,250 to AED2,250   programmes, annual sports day.       per month
                        Waiting list? On request
                        Transport? No

                                  RAs Al KHAimAH
      gEms WEsTmiNsTER   Curriculum: UK    Facilities: Indoor activity hall, outdoor football fields, basketball
      sCHool – RAs Al   Age: Kindergarten to Grade 11  courts, dedicated science labs, ICT lab, special and separate
      KHAimAH           Term dates: Sep-Jun  covered outdoor play areas for primary and FS students,
      Ras Al Khaimah    Fees: AED11,000 to AED18,000  specialist classrooms for primary and secondary schools.
      07 203 5999       Waiting list? On  request  Transport? Yes   Extracurricular activities: Arts and craft, creative writing,  KHDA rating: Effective  cooking, debating, drama, educational trips, elocution/public
                                           speaking, gymnastics, leadership camps, mural painting, music,
                                           needlework, projects, reading, sports, trekking.

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