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UNIVERSITIES: DUBAI                                            Autumn Term 2017
      JSS ACADEmy       Home Campus: India  overview: JSSMVP established its presence in the Middle East
      Block 2A, Office F52  Type: Vocational training  with its new educational centre, JSS Education Foundation
      Dubai Knowledge Village  Number of Students: 210+  in Dubai Knowledge Village, to introduce online and blended
      04 361 2917       Number of graduates: 65  learning programmes, with a focus on providing the community  Number of faculty: 24  with the educational skills needed to compete in the growing                 employment sector and meet the needs and challenges from
                                           the regional corporations and businesses. This centre caters to
                                           those who are employed, with regular learning opportunities.

      mANCHESTER        Home Campus: UK    overview: Manchester Business School is the UK’s largest
      BUSINESS SCHool   Type: University   campus-based business and management school. The Middle
      Dubai Knowledge Village  Number of Students: 718  East Regional Executive Centre based in Dubai Knowledge Village
      Dubai             Number of graduates: 176  offers world-class part-time Global MBA and DBA programmes to
      04 446 8664       Number of faculty: 30  working professionals. All successful MBA students are awarded                 a degree by the University of Manchester and no distinction is                        made between the different learning formats. MBS launched
                                           Executive Education courses for the Middle East in 2011.

      mANIPAl UNIVERSITy  Home Campus: India  overview: Manipal University Dubai (MUD) is a branch campus
      G-04 ,Dubai International   Type: University  of Manipal University, India, the largest private university
      Academic City     Number of Students: 1812  in the country, enrolling over 25,000 students across 23
      Dubai             Number of graduates: 367  disciplines. Manipal University, India is home to some of the
      04 429 0777       Number of faculty: 68  finest institutions of academic excellence including Kasturba
      04 429 0705       Fees: AED27,000 to   Medical College & Manipal Institute of Technology. Manipal  AED39,000  University established its presence in Dubai, UAE in the year                     2000. At present, Manipal University, Dubai enrols over 1,800
                                           students from 26 nations across the globe and is an Indian multi-
                                           disciplinary university in the region.
      mICHIgAN STATE    Home Campus: USA   overview: MSU Dubai provides Bachelors and Masters
      UNIVERSITy IN DUBAI  Type: University  degree students with a broad intellectual background that gives
      Dubai Knowledge Village  Number of Students: 30  them the habits of thought and analysis needed to live and work
      Dubai             Number of graduates: 12  in a rapidly-changing modern world. Developing career and job-
      04 446 5147/8     Number of faculty: 14  relevant skills are a core part of all degree programmes offered                        at MSU Dubai.

      mIDDlESEx         Home Campus: UK    overview: Middlesex University Dubai is the first overseas
      UNIVERSITy DUBAI  Type: University   campus of the internationally renowned Middlesex University
      Block 16, Dubai Knowledge   Number of Students: 2,422  in London. The campus which opened in January 2005, has
      Village           Number of graduates: 798  over 2,800 students from over 90 nationalities and offers
      Dubai             Number of faculty: 69  undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a wide variety of
      04 367 8100       Fees: AED50,000    subject areas. In 2007, Middlesex was ranked second in London                    for Teaching and Learning (HEFCE) and the 2008 Research                               Assessment Exercise (RAE) rated research at Middlesex as ‘Top
                                           10 among new UK universities’.

      moDUl UNIVERSITy   Home Campus: Austria  overview: Founded in 1908, MODUL brand stands for more
      DUBAI             Type: University   than 100 years of excellence in education and is owned by the
      ONE JLT, Jumeirah Lakes   Fees: AED45,000  Vienna Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the largest provider
      Towers                               of private education in Austria with over 70,000 students. In
      Dubai                                Dubai, MODUL University is a subsidiary of Dubai Investments
      04 510 1400                          Industries [DII], which is wholly-owned by Dubai Investments                     PJSC. The programmes on offer at MODUL University Dubai are                          accredited by Knowledge and Human Development Authority
                                           KHDA and the curriculum uses the European Credit Transfer
                                           System (ECTS).
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