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Home Styling                                                   Autumn Term 2017
                                                 Caramel & Sun  Morjona kids play table
                                                               set of four, Dhs595,
                                                                PAN eMIrATeS

                                                                 Ailsa country
                                                                kitchen, Dhs599,
                                                                 HOMe CeNTre

        room to                                             THe BOWery COMPANy
                                                             Paulownia push wagon
                                                              in blue, Dhs413,

          Little ones learn through play

               Olivia Corsi,   into dedicated zones for study   Include a reading corner
               founder of Caramel   and play. My personal priorities   This is easily done with a bean
               & Sun, on how to   include a non-toxic paint for the   bag, chair or floor pillows placed
               get it right.  walls, a desk where the kids will   next to the book storage. Try
                              want to sit and do their homework   to hang shelving at a lower
               If you live in    and different pieces of furniture   height so that kids can access it
               a house where   for creativity, such as a tepee.  themselves. Tall, open bookcases
               bedrooms are on                         enable kids to reach the books or
      the first floor and you can afford   Be flexible   toys that are on the lower shelves,
      the extra space, try to create a   Create a room that grows with   while the top shelves can be
      playroom downstairs close to the   your child. For example, invest in   used for more decorative items,
      other active rooms.     high-quality furniture that can be   including picture frames.
                              converted into a larger piece with   Devote a special space to
      Keep it simple          time. Laurette (available from   your children’s studies. Let
      Colour can be used to create   Caramel & Sun) makes    them decorate it as they like and
      a calm environment. Choose a   eco-sourced convertible   encourage them with a pin board
      sophisticated and elegant colour   children’s furniture, including    to display their work. With their
      scheme that mainly contains   a changing table that transforms   own space, they will be more likely
      neutral tones. Next, split the room   into a cabinet.    to enjoy doing their homework.
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