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Learning for Life                                              Autumn Term 2017

      I reflected at that moment, how
      many people think about design
      progression and invention to
      reconsider current projects? It is
      clear that this is the approach to
      use in education.”
      An independent life
      Foremarke School’s headteacher
      Naomi Williams agrees with the
      notion of continuous learning. She
      also places a great emphasis on
      the skills of reading and writing.
      “What Toffler suggests is the need
      for children to be taught about
      learning skills,” clarifies Williams.
      “We need classrooms that create
      a culture for inquisitive, innovative
      and independent thinkers who
      become learners for life.” As
      a result, the development and
      refinement of the children’s
      independence skills is a focus
      for Foremarke.
       “We want to develop and teach
      children to seek out ways that
      they can experiment, hypothesise
      and challenge themselves without
      the reliance on a teacher to guide
      them further,” Williams enthuses.
      To aid students in challenging
      themselves, Foremarke uses the
      latest Apple technology, which
      has led to the school becoming the
      first Apple Distinguished School
      in Dubai. “We want our children
      to move easily between working
      collaboratively and then working
      on their own, to learn how to
      become exceptional team players
      while realising the significance of
      their own individual input. Most
      importantly, I want to be able to
      confidently let the children move
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