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        BuTTerFly         Curriculum: Montessori   Activities: Languages and literacy (Arabic, English and French),
        MoNTessori        International      natural sciences and environment, math, sensorial, geography
        Khalidiyah        Age: 1 year to 4 years  and history, art and craft, music, movement and drama, plus
        Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Sep-Nov, Dec- Feb,   Montessori celebrates all occasions and ield trips are part of
        02 665 8611       Mar-Jun            the curriculum.         Fees: From AED4,000
                          (per term)         Hours of operation: 7.15am-1pm, KidzGym opens at 1.30pm until
                                             5pm Sunday to Thursday (AED1,500 per child per term).

        deerFields Nursery  Curriculum: EYFS/British   Activities: French/Arabic, Islamic studies, ballet, gymnastics,
        Khalifa City A    Curriculum         karate, yoga, dance, water splash, music and art. There is a
        Street 29, Villa 62  Age: 4 months to 4 years  large outdoor play area, organic garden, sandpit, two indoor play
        02-6664225        Term dates: Sep-Dec / Jan-  areas, clinic and a full-time qualified nurse available. Children
        050-3655880       March / Apr –June  are provided with breakfast, hot lunch and three healthy snacks.
                          Fees: On Request

        edu CAre Nursery  Curriculum: Arabic, English  Activities: Never a dull moment, its programme is designed to
        Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street,  Age: 1 month to 4 years  cover all the questions asked by young and enquiring minds.
        Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Sep-Nov, Dec-Feb,   Offering the Educational Development method, the school instills
        02 665 8882       Mar-May            mental and social maturity appropriate to the age and stage of
        Al Muroor Street, Abu Dhabi  summer Club: Jun-Aug  development of each child.
        02 448 3744       Fees: AED20,100 to AED25,650                   Hours of operation: 6.30am-5pm.

        FirsT sTeps Nursery  Curriculum: UK  Activities: Field trips, special events, picnics, swimming, music
        Karama Street     Age: 4 months to 4 years  time, painting.
        Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Sep-Dec,
        02 446 0960       Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Hours of operation: Regular nursery hours 7am-3pm. Children
        02 445 4920       Fees: AED 23,700 to   can attend for three or five days a week with timings to suit.     AED28,000

        FuTure sTArs      Curriculum: UK/Arabic  Activities: Painting, drawing, water play, sandplay, science trips,
        Nursery           Age: 2 months to 4 years  garden games.
        Falah Street      Term dates: Monthly
        Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED10,000 to   Hours of operation: 6.30am-5pm.
        02 642 0177       AED15,000

        giggles eNglisH   Curriculum: Arabic, Indian, UK  Activities: Languages, arts, social studies, math, science, art,
        Nursery           Age: 18 months to 4 years  music, home arts, social and physical development, indoor-
        Airport Road, Abu Dhabi  Term dates: Quarterly  outdoor play area.
        02 641 6255       Fees: From AED17,000
        Mina Road, Abu Dhabi                 Hours of operation: 8am-2pm.
        02 673 4226

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