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Round Up                                                       Autumn Term 2017


      The latest in education news and family events

                                                       CongRATUlATions TAAleem!
                                                       The Taaleem group of
                                                       schools ( is
                                                       celebrating amazing international
                                                       Baccalaureate (iB) scores across
                                                       its four schools. Considering
                                                       only 1% of all students around the
                                                       world who take the iB achieve
                                                       43 points or higher, Taaleem’s
                                                       results are hugely impressive: six
                                                       students at Raha international
                                                       school achieved 40 or more, with
                                                       two of those students achieving
                                                       a score of 43.
                                                        Taaleem’s Jumeira
                                                       Baccalaureate school achieved
                                                       a 100% pass rate with 21.4% of
                                                       students achieving more than 36
                                                       points. Uptown school achieved
                                                       a 100% pass rate in its first year
                                                       with one student achieving 39,
                                                       and at greenfield Community
                                                       school two students achieved a
                                                       score of 40, which is the highest
                                                       score the school has achieved
                                                       to date.

      BRiTish ColUmBiA CAnAdiAn
      sChool Comes To dUBAi
      did you know that the Canadian
      educational system is ranked as
      one of the top five educational
      systems in the world? This
      september sees the opening
      of British Columbia Canadian
      school ( in dubai
      investment Park. Part of the
      British Columbia (B.C.) global
      education Programme, students
      will follow the same courses,
      with the same learning outcomes
      and assessments as all British
      Columbia (B.C.) students, whether
      they are based in Canada or in one
      of the certified offshore schools
      across the globe.
       “our ethos is to provide
      an inclusive education that
      recognises that all students have
      innate capabilities that need to be
      cultivated and nourished,” says
      shawn merke, principal of BCCs.
      “This goal is what makes our
      students so successful.”
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