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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      aRab uNiTy School  curriculum: UK    Facilities: Playgrounds, computer labs, science labs, libraries,
      Al Mizhar         age: FS1 to Y13    basketball, clinics, resource centres, guidance counselling.
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Jun
      04 288 6226/6227     Fees: AED5,717 to AED9,560  Extracurricular activities: Basketball, football, volleyball,  Waiting list? Yes  literacy, math, science, digitech IT, Arabic, symphony (music  Transport? Yes  club), s.p.a.r.e environment club.
                        Khda rating: Acceptable

      bRadENToN         curriculum: US     Facilities: Venues for art, music, drama, laboratory, library,
      pREpaRaToRy       age: Pre/KG to Grade 12      full-sized gym, large classrooms with interactive white boards,
      acadEmy           Term dates: Sep-Jun  computer connectivity, built-in storage.
      (a gEmS School)   Fees: AED33,588 to
      Dubai Sports City  AED79,258         Extracurricular activities: After-school general tutorials,
      04 818 3600       Waiting list? On request      Arabic dance club, arts and crafts, engineering by design,  Transport? Yes  excelling in learning, gamers’ club, Model United Nations,  Khda rating: Good  technology workshop.

      budS public School   curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities: Library, sports ground, special play area for tiny-tots,
                        age: KG1 to Grade 12
                                           medical centre, well-equipped labs, including computer labs,
      Al Muhaisnah      Term dates: Sep-Jun  children’s workshop, art, well designed building with central air-
      Dubai             Fees: AED7,565 to AED13,508   conditioning, counsellor’s room, book store, staff rooms, Islamic
      04 288 8143       Waiting list? Yes  studies room, security and fire alarms, canteen.  Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Acceptable  Extracurricular activities: Mono acting, fancy dress, singing
                                           dancing, drawing, elocution, essay writing, literary club,
                                           environment club, maths club, science club, health and cultural
                                           club, sports club, photography club.
      cambRidgE         curriculum: UK     Facilities: Sports and outdoor, ICT, music and art, library, science
      iNTERNaTioNal     age: FS1 to Y13    labs, sports hall, AstroTurf football field.
      School            Term dates: Sep-Jun
      (a gEmS School)   Fees: AED17,825 to AED24,202  Extracurricular activities: Outdoor education, visual arts, drama,
      Garhoud           Waiting list? On request  dance, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, basketball.
      Dubai             Transport? Yes
      04 282 4646       Khda rating: Good
      capiTal School    curriculum: UK     Facilities: Soccer field, children’s play ground, auditorium,
      Baghdad Street    age: FS1 to Year 8  computer and science labs, swimming pool.
      Al Qusais         Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Extracurricular activities: Students are encouraged to take
      04 238 1888       Fees: AED28,000 to   part in the broad range of opportunities provided to encourage
      04 298 8776       AED46,600          independence, collaborative learning and team work, increased
      052 645 5110      Waiting list? No   confidence, and a sense of community and community action.  Transport? Yes  Khda rating: N/A

      cENTRal School    curriculum: Indian  Facilities: Spacious building with playgrounds, well-equipped
      dubai             age: KG1 to Grade 12  labs, canteen, languages, including Hindi, Bengali and Urdu, plus
      Al Nahda          Term dates: On request  Malayalam or Tamil as an additional language.
      Dubai             Fees: AED3,558 to AED6,262
      04 267 4433       Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Karate, sports, audio-visual  Transport? Yes    programmes, fine arts, project works.
                        Khda rating: Acceptable

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