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        DEuTsCHE          Curriculum: German  Facilities: Swimming pool, sports hall, outdoor sports field.
        iNTERNATioNAlE    Age: KG1 to Grade 12
        sCHulE DubAi      Term dates: Sep-Jan, Feb-Jul   Extracurricular activities: Football, choir, music, badminton,
        (gERmAN           Fees: AED35,146 to AED66,398  gymnastics and more.
        iNTERNATioNAl     Waiting list? Yes
        sCHool DubAi)     Transport? Yes
        Al Quoz           KHDA rating: Good
        04 338 6006
        DubAi AmERiCAN    Curriculum: US/IB  Facilities: Library media centre, swimming pools, soccer
        ACADEmy           Age: KG1 to Grade 12  pitch with an artificial surface, tennis courts, gymnasiums,
        (A gEms sCHool)   Term dates: Sep-Jun  weight training, play areas, theatre/auditorium, cafeteria and
        Al Barsha 1       Fees: AED22,826 to AED84,511  amphitheatre, labs, including computer and science labs, indoor
        Dubai             Waiting list? On request  play area, drama, art studios, music, library media, health.
        04 347 9222       Transport? Yes
        superintendent_daa@  KHDA rating: Outstanding  Extracurricular activities: Sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing,                          basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, swimming, scuba
        communication_daa@                   diving, gymnastics, karate, choir, drama, art, dance, computer,                          board games, book club, ballet, chess, tennis, Spanish, math,                     floor hockey.
        DubAi ENglisH     Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Design and technology/food technology room, textiles
                                             and CAD/CAM. Auditorium for the whole school, canteen for 500,
                          Age: Year 7 to Year 13
        spEAKiNg CollEgE   Term dates: Sep-Jun  state-of-the-art science labs, synthetic and full-sized grass pitch
        Dubai Academic City  Fees: AED74,219 to AED79,772  for football and 15-a-side rugby, three full-size netball courts, six
        Dubai             Waiting list? Yes  netball/volleyball/badminton sports halls.
        04 360 4866       Transport? Yes  KHDA rating: Outstanding  Extracurricular activities: See the school’s website for a wide
                                             range of sporting, musical, drama, international award, and other
                                             extensive extracurricular activities.
        DubAi ENglisH     Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Music rooms, library and resource centre,
        spEAKiNg sCHool   Age: FS1 to Year 6  gymnasium, hall, science and technology, ICT suite, art,
        Umm Hurair        Term dates: 3 terms  swimming pool, tennis courts, football, cricket pitch, netball.
        Dubai             Fees: AED34,000 to
        04 337 1457       AED42,078          Extracurricular activities: Gymnastics, football, netball,  Waiting list? Yes  swimming, music.     Transport? Yes
                          KHDA rating: Good

        DubAi             Curriculum: IB (International   Facilities: Networked library, music, art, dance, drama and language
        iNTERNATioNAl     Baccalaureate)     learning, exam hall, fully-equipped science labs, computer labs and
        ACADEmy           Age: KG1 to Year13  robotic lab, four climate-controlled multipurpose halls, two swimming
        First Al Khail Street  Term dates: Sep-Feb,    pools, grassed outdoor playing field, shaded play areas, basketball
        Emirates Hills    Feb-Jul            and tennis courts, cafeteria, music and movement sprung-floored
        04 368 4111       Fees: AED40,157 to AED71,152    room for kindergarten, Sky Garden and cafeteria.  Waiting list? Depends      on the year group  Extracurricular activities: Arts, music, singing, rock band, reading
                          Transport? Yes     club, mother tongue programmes (Dutch, German, Swedish, Finnish,
                          KHDA rating: Outstanding  Danish, French, Mandarin, Italian and Hindi), French, drama, IT,
                                             science, chess, sports, karate, French, taekwondo.
        DubAi             Curriculum: US     Facilities: Library, swimming pool, gymnasium, computer and
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 12  English lab.
        sCHool            Term dates: Sep-Jun
        Al Garhoud        Fees: AED13,313 to AED20,901  Extracurricular activities: Karate, tennis, volleyball,
        04 282 3513/3524  Waiting list? No   basketball and football.
        Nad El-Sheba      Transport? Yes
        04 338 5530       KHDA rating: Acceptable
        04 338 0370
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