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Better Homes was launched as a                          The Commercial Division was
 Residential   rental agency in 1986 and although   Commercial   founded in 1993 in response to

 our business has evolved and
                                                         increasing demand. Since then we
 Sales and   progressed over the years, rentals are   Sales and   have chalked up more than two
                                                         decades of experience facilitating
 still at the heart of what we do. The
 Sales Division followed in 2002 when                    office, retail and industrial sales
 Leasing  freehold property for expatriates   Leasing    and rentals. Our rental projects

 first became widely available for
                                                         include everything from individual
 purchase. Since then, the division has                  retail units to complete office
 successfully met the needs of tens                      buildings and complexes, as well
 of thousands of buyers and sellers.                     as hotels, warehouses and labour
 Off Plan Sales was the division’s final                 accommodation. We also work with
 addition, created in 2015 in order to                   clients looking for a strong return on
 organize and promote the various                        investment and advise them on the
 off plan projects currently under                       best commercial options available
 development in Dubai.                                   across the market.
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