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                           SEpTEmbER 2017

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                                                                                     mOvE TO…
                                                                                     Beachfront community
                                                                                     Jumeirah Beach Residence
                                                                                     whiCh SChOOl?
       ShOp                   22                                          pagE 40    Choose Jumeira
                                                                                     Baccalaureate School
       16                     STYlE filES                                            52
                              Mariangela and Claudia,
       ShOp Talk              founders of Blanc Mariclò                              whiCh NuRSERY?
       Inspiration, innovation                                                       Discover Indigo Valley
       and need-to-know updates  23                                                  Nursery’s organic approach
       18                     mad abOuT                                              54
       ShOp fOR…              Molten accents                                         pROpERTiES
       Industrial chic for warmth                                                    fOR SalE
       and oodles of personality  28                                                 Find your new home with our
                              aN uNSTOppablE                                         pick of properties to buy
                              Pallavi Dean on her work ethic                         61
       idEaS                  30                                                     pROpERTiES
                                                                                     fOR RENT
       20                     makiNg a SplaSh                                        Rent a property in popular
                              Bathrooms with form
                                                                                     Jumeirah Beach Residence
       SChOOl                 34                                                     64
       Design a work area to make   TExTuRE TakEOvER                                 ON ThE map
       you crazy productive   An apartment in Jumeirah                               Figure out your next move
       21                     Lake Towers is all rich layers                         with our colour-coded map
       aSk a dESigNER         40                                                     68
       Fabidha Safar Rahman   paCk YOuR bagS                                         mOviNg iN
       answers your queries    Inside an Instagram-ready                             Stay on time with our edit
       and shares her gems    NYC apartment                                          of stylish wall clocks
                                                               pagE 18

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