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                                                                             Shorten the School run
                                                                             Three homes within 15 minutes’
                                                                             drive of Indigo Valley Nursery

                                                                             Al Badia Residences   AED 4,500,000
                                                                             Dubai Festival City
                                                                             Syed Wajih Uddin Ahmed
                                                                             Ref No. AP336405           4 BR
                                                                             RERA Permit No. 11597  3,112 sq. ft.
        Which nurSery?

        Founder Bernadette King-Turner discusses
        Indigo Valley Nursery’s organic approach

                       What sets your    Is there anything else parents should
                       nursery apart from   know about?
                       others in the city?  With our eco-friendly and organic
                       Indigo Valley     approach, we understand that a nature-
                       Nursery belongs to   based pedagogy is a major benefit for
                       the Beautiful Minds   each young learning and growing mind.
                       Nurseries group,   To support each child’s optimum health
                       which is privately   and learning, the nursery gardens are   FS Villas      AED 4,500,000
        owned. Offering a Reggio Emilia   an extension of the classrooms. These   Mirdif
        inspired UK Early Years Foundation   include our award-winning organic   Sana Hajjar            3 BR
                                                                             Ref No. VI338433
        Stage curriculum, we believe that we   vegetable gardens, which are maintained   RERA Permit No. 11597  1,688 sq. ft.
        have a major community responsibility   by the staff, children and parents.
        in imparting ethical information and   Nature-based loose parts, play and
        knowledge to each child and parent,   learning equipment are preferred over
        and we are sensitive to upholding the   plastic toys and the nursery follows
        integrity of the United Arab Emirates’   a ‘no throw away plastic’ policy.
        multiculturalism and practices. The   The children form an understanding
        curriculum is taught in English, Arabic   of themselves and their place in the
        and Chinese Mandarin.            world through their interactions with
          Indigo Valley Nursery has the addition  others and, to that purpose, children
        of a Specialised Early Learning Support   frequently visit the elderly at Dubai
        Unit to care for children requiring extra   Al Mamzar Community Health Center.
        learning. There is also a strong focus
        on social collaboration and the children   What do your key facilities include?
        search out their knowledge through   With separate nursery dining rooms
        their own investigations.        available for each age group, respectful
                                         dining is enjoyed each day by the
        Tell us about your team…         children with their nursery-made (and
        All classroom teachers are qualified in   mostly organic) breakfast and lunch.   Courtyard Apartments 1  AED 1,600,000
        teaching and/or nursing. We provide   Kung Fu, ballet, drumming, swimming,   Mirdif
        equal opportunities for all staff, children   and mindfulness meditation with yoga   Lazar Jakovljevic   2 BR
                                                                             Ref No. AP328788
        and their families.              are just some of the children’s activities.   RERA Permit No. 11597  1,513 sq. ft.

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