Rebecca Dawn Williamson

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Rebecca Dawn Williamson

Growing up in a coastal town within Edinburgh, Scotland, Rebecca is no stranger to the delights of the seaside making her the perfect JBR and Marina specialist.

As a respected business class in Cabin Crew member, Rebecca found great enthusiasm and excitement in exploring over 65 Countries. Experiencing various cultures has been invaluable to Rebecca, giving her an enhanced understanding and awareness in the importance of specific customer requirements.

Rebecca will strive to ensure her clients experiences will be a positive and memorable journey from beginning to end providing high level client satisfaction built with trust, professionalism and confidence. She is motivated, passionate and has excellent attention to detail in all that she achieves. Having spent almost nine years in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Dubai, she is ready to share all her knowledge and experience with you, making it a place you will hopefully be excited to live or own a home in too.