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Alexander Stephen Long

Alex was born and raised in a small city called Chelmsford, in southern England. He first studied film studies at university and gained experience in the television industry in the UK, with the main tasks of assisting the set-up of the evening news and interviews for documentaries. Previously, Alex worked with his father running sales in a local distribution company, he also recently assisted in sales of hand sanitizers and face masks during the COVID pandemic across England.

Alex's greatest passion is travelling, having made Novorossiysk (Russia) and Wuxi (China) his home previously, he felt that Dubai would be the perfect next challenge for him. A passion for learning languages and new cultures led him to become an upper-intermediate in Mandarin Chinese and having a grasp of Russian. His knowledge of Mandarin helped him at his father's company in assisting with deals with Chinese factories, from Ningxia wine to Shanghai medical gloves.

Alex decided to leave the cold dreary life in the UK to make Dubai his new home and use his sales experience and high levels of customer service to the Dubai property market.