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11th June 2012

Real estate has become a profitable investment opportunity that equally invites investors with small and large capital. Several countries across the globe have taken initiative and allow foreign investors to make investments in real estate sectors. Investors must consider profit returns before choosing any country to make real estate investment. Some countries like Australia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Germany provide excellent chances to earn good profits on real estate investments.


In order to take most advantages and good profits, investors must avoid ten real estate investment mistakes. If you take care of such common and unavoidable mistakes, you will be able to make successful business investment with good returns in any potential real estate market. If you as an investor don’t consider protecting yourself making such mistakes, you wouldn’t be able to save your potential profits and even you can suffer the loss of your capital you have invested. It is not possible to avoid mistakes at all, people are tend to make mistakes any time in any field, but the key to success is to limit your mistakes as small as you can and you should always try to learn from the mistakes.


10 mistakes to avoid

We are specifically focusing on must avoid real estate investing mistakes here. Following are 10 common and lethal mistakes, which lead any real estate investor to great loss. Such mistakes results in huge financial damages.


1. Implementing Several Business Models.

Applying or implementing several business models to boost up your business can be disastrous. It is common observation that new and inexperienced investors start attending seminars to gain knowledge to augment their chances to win and to double their profits. But you should not ignore this fact that not all business strategies will work and benefit your business. You should focus to learn these business strategies in a way that will enable you to choose the best business module that can really benefit you.

As real estate investments are concerned, if you try to work on several models it is possible will end up with few deals or no deals. It is good to choose one model for example leasing and continue to work on it till you have buildup you capacity to opt for next business model. Working with one model is very fruitful for beginner’s real estate investors. The major disadvantage of working with multiple business models is that you cannot target your advertising and can’t respond leads in an organized way. This may end up in zero results.


2. Doubts about Finalising Exit Strategy.

In order to get escape from unpredictable losses and failures, real estate investor should decide some proper exit strategy to handle bad situations. It is necessary to know the strategy that enable you to earn profits even you have actually invested your money. Exit strategy specifically helps you to determine the primary structure of your business deal to earn good profits. If you have doubts and haven’t decided your exit strategy you may eventually lose your capital.


3. Spending Too much Time in Analysis.

It is good to taking care of different aspects before making final real estate investment deal. But it is also a fact that spending too much time on thinking and analyzing gives you 100% results. Some investors go on extremes and get stuck in analysis that finally leads them to lost deal. It is not healthy attitude and can create paralysis condition that will end up with no other option instead of sitting idle. Whether you know all business strategies you cannot make every deal successful.


4. Dictating and Imposing Things on Buyer/Seller.

Don’t try to dictate and impose things on buyers and sellers you are dealing with. Whenever you are dealing with property buyers and sellers don’t try to impose things over them rather try to know what they expect. It is good to show patience and explain them in detail what you can offer them and what they can expect from you


5. Trying to Takeover Every Function.

If you are trying to perform everything related to real estate investment deal on your own you will be putting yourself in hot water. It is impossible to become attorney, contractor or closing agent. This will divert your attention to build your business. Some investors mistakenly think that this will help them to save some money. In order to generate good business an investor must concentrate on deals and let other professionals to carry out their responsibilities.


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