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14th June 2012

In continue with the previous post, here are the remaining 5 most common mistakes that Real Estate investors made to put their investment at risk.



6. Acting Over Smart to Save Money

This is a negative attitude that results in total failure. If an investor is trying to save money by every means and prefer to fulfill and execute everything on their own they will actually going to destroy their deal. They keep them busy in other tasks rather their actual tasks of attracting potential clients.


7. Emotional Attachment with Assets

Emotional attachment with a house you have purchased to resale will let you experience real lose. In case of emotional attachment you will be spending unnecessary money and time on renovation and decoration. Spending extra money on any specific property of your choice doesn’t assure to earn good profits. It is good not to make emotional attachment with your property deals. Try to take them as a business project and focus to earn good profits.


8. No Network with Other Investors

Some real estate investors think that it is useless to stay connected with other investors. Such investors will be facing trouble at the time of selling their properties to suitable buyers. Networking with other experienced investors will actually help them to sell their assets with good profit returns as they can get professional advices from experienced professionals. They can teach how you can work to improve your profit returns.


9. Neglecting Importance of Team Work

Some inexperienced real estate investors’ think that they are jack of all trades and don’t need help of any other professional. Such professionals are actually mistaken. The real success for every successful real estate business deal hides behind the efforts of good team. Try to make a good team with attorney, contractors, real estate agents and mortgage brokers. If you have successfully made a good team of professionals, you will definitely become a successful investor.


10. Lack of Self Assessment

Whether, your deal went good or bad, try to make self assessment to monitor your performance. Try to find out your weak points and see the points where you can improve your performance. If you ignore to assess yourself, you will never able to improve your performance. This is very helpful to guide you in future and you can easily avoid mistakes you have made in past. So don’t hesitate to judge your performance if you really want to progress your career in real estate investment.


Avoiding these must avoid real estate investment mistakes will remove hurdles on the way to your success to become a successful real estate investor anywhere in the world.


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