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real estate property scams
25th September 2012

Like all other industries, the real estate industry is not safe from scams. There are groups of people working to harm real estate professionals, lending institutes, investors, landlords, buyers, and tenants. Usually, professionals working in the industry are ethical and try to perform their duties with honesty. There are criminal minds people who actually don’t know about the business process of this industry but they use properties as a source to extract money from people. The main reason for real estate property scams is the huge amount of cash associated with properties. Whether landlords selling or renting their properties to buyers and tenants they will be dealing with a huge amount of money. Even a few real estate scams work as fake property developers to deceive inexperienced real estate investors, they make a false commitment with investors collect money from them and run away. The fast growth rate of property and construction industry not only offers excellent opportunities for investors rather it also attracts criminals as they get more chances to betray investors, buyers, and tenants. But you can safeguard yourself from such fraudsters if you make decisions with sensibility. Considering a few basic things will keep you safe becoming a victim of real estate scams.

General Tips to avoid Real Estate Property Scams

  1. Whether you are buying or renting a property from a landlord or you are going to sell and rent your property to tenants, ensure this to make your contract in written form. Never assume that the party you are dealing with will follow verbal promises.
  2. If you are going to make any kind of real estate property deal for the first time, it’s better to take advice from experienced professionals. Experienced and qualified investors and professionals will help you to estimate the real value of the project or property for which you are investing your money. They will also help you to identify the ambiguity in a contract. Professional suggestions will surely protect you to make doubtful deals.
  3. Before making a final decision to invest in any property development project, it is good to observe major property development projects. You can also find information about common real estate scam cases via media. Usually, real estate fraudsters try to use the same technique to deceive people. This makes it a little easy to identify the scam property deal.
  4. Try to work with certified professionals. It is critically important to work with authorized real estate agents and property management companies. Moreover, if you are individually selling or renting your property to a buyer or tenant, make sure about his employment and bank balance. If a person you are dealing with shows a complex background be careful then, he may be a scam artist.
  5. Always ready to quit any real estate deal, even if the offer is too good. In case you don’t get satisfactory answers to any of your questions related to the property you are going to buy or rent. Keep it in mind real estate deals must be profitable for both parties. Don’t focus only on what you will be getting after the deal; also consider what another party will get at the end.
  6. Also, keep an eye on your bank accounts; you will also become a victim of identity theft that may lead to involve you in sort of corruption and fake bank transactions. Scam artists can open fake accounts with your name and make scam deals on your name. Maintain proper data of your accounts and properties you possess to avoid such incidents of identity thefts.
  7. Avoid paying beyond your capacity to pay for a property. Real estate scams also betray buyers and sellers showing them the urgency to sell or purchase assets and encourage them to pay extra money for the property or finalizing sale deal below actual market prices. It is important to consider the correct value of property ad your budget limits.

Following these simple tips will help you to avoid real estate property scams. Whether you are going to purchase, sale or rent a property. There are always chances to become a victim, only careful observation of the whole business process will protect you from property scams.

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