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11th June 2013

Before you get into the whole interior design process, step back and look at the architecture in your home. Is the architecture itself screaming modern or are the subtle lines and exposed brick leaning more towards the industrial vibe? Whatever design style your home revolves around—embrace it! If your home is seeping with industrial or modern elements, try to collaborate and make your interior design come to life.

Pipes aren’t just for plumbers—in fact, they can add a great element of design to virtually any room. When you think of industrial interior design, don’t let the exposed brick and pipes leave you feeling stuck into a certain style! Let it be the basis for a look that is clean yet sophisticated. Combine the look of modern designs and clean lines with the masculinity of industrial into your home, but remember that subtly is the key. If both styles contradict each other in a loud way it won’t work, whereas if they are subtle enough yet still make an impact, you have achieved the perfect combination of modern and industrial.

Focus on one style

In order to properly achieve a mixed design style, it is important to pick on style to focus on and then accessorise or add certain statement pieces that involve the other style. What does that mean exactly? If you choose to focus on an industrial vibe, then make all of the main focal points industrial and add modern accents in order to off beat the whole situation.

Use Similar Lines

What do using similar lines even mean? It means that if all of the lines in your furniture are clean and square cut, then you should try to use similar lines and angles in your accessories in order to balance everything. If, for example, all of your furniture has rounded edges but you add in a distinguished amount of clean lines with your accessories, everything is going to look off balanced. Stick to similar lines, yet make your statement pieces pop!

Color Tones

The good thing about color in design is that if done right, it can completely make the look. The bad thing about color in design however, is that it can completely make everything off balance and look disoriented. One of the best things about combining both modern and industrial is that you can use the same color palette in order to emanate a more uniform look. Because modern involves a lot of stark white and industrial involves a lot of neutrals, try to go for a neutral tonal palette in order to create the perfect look!.

Author: Barbara Johnson works in real estate and enjoys finding her clients the perfect homes. In addition, she shares her home improvement and gardening tips with others through blogging.

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