People are relocating to other countries in the search of better job to earn good money for decent life style. This decision is very tricky and risky as well. You will have to make yourself well aware with important facts like job opportunities and other expat life issues. Wherever you belong in this world, you need to know enough about the place where you are thinking to relocate. If you are planning to move any Middle Eastern country like Dubai, you should know primary things about the weather, environment, culture, career opportunities and last but not the least the cost of living in Dubai. Dubai is famous for friendly and cosmopolitan environment as it offer most liberal and comfortable life style for expats across the world. Even it is a Muslim city; non-Muslims don’t face any difficulties during job and business. This city is categorised under list of 300 most expensive places to live in the world. This shows that you will be living quite expensive life as an expat. There is no limit for minimum wage any company paid to any worker, so be sure to tell you expected salary in your job interview. It is suggested to set your own bottom limit to escape yourself to get salary less than that. Irrespective to your salary, major things that can strongly affect your life style in this city are your personal living expenses, purchasing sense and your lifestyle (simple/modern). No one will be able to estimate minimum salary to spend life in Dubai even he/she actually land this place to live. But you can estimate major part of cost of living in Dubai that everyone will have pay during their stay at Dubai. Essential amenities that everyone will have to avail during their stay include accommodation, food and transportation. Below is the brief description of essential cost of living in Dubai that everyone has to bare.


Accommodation Expenses

Accommodation expense is the biggest expense that everyone will have to pay to live in Dubai. Real estate Dubai is considered as a tenant friendly market due to considerable reduction of property rents in this city. Most of the employers offer housing benefits to expatriates but they don’t provide full coverage to property rent. Landlords in Dubai don’t accept monthly rents rather renters have to make payments on annual basis in the form of single and quarterly instalments. You can find wide range of short term rental properties with different rent range that directly depends on the size and location of the property. For example you can find one bedroom apartment in famous areas like Dubai Marina & Jumeirah Lake Towers on lesser rents. In contrast luxury Dubai Villas with 3-4 bedrooms will be available at considerably higher rates. You can search residential rental properties in Dubai on our website Betterhomes.



Transport cost is the second essential expense everyone has to pay. Dubai has a good public transport system. You can find taxis and public buses to travel. Obviously you will be spending more if you are traveling via Taxi as compared to traveling in public bus.


Dining Out

It all depends on your preferences. If you are not fond of dining out you can save good amount of money. But if you are fond of dining out still you have several affordable options to eat good food in food street areas of Bur Dubai and Karama. Here you can find good food choices in as little as 20 AED. But if you want to spend like an elite person city’s top restaurants and hotels provide expensive food that cost more than 800 AED.


Weekly Shopping Expenses

Every expat has to do some necessary shopping on weekly basis to buy grocery items for whole week. It depends on how much you will be spending to purchase items like eggs, bread and milk. If you prefer to buy some imported bread from UK or USA, then you will be paying three times more amount as compare spending to purchase local items. If you like to consume special sausages again you will be spending huge money on such items as these things are only available in super markets. Thing is that weekly shopping expenses mainly depends on your purchasing power.



Those migrants who are living in this city with their family and kids will find that it’s quite expensive to bring up your child in Dubai. The school fee is high and you will be consuming huge part of your salary on education expenses. Government does not provide free education for migrant’s child. Although employers provide assistance in the form of education funds for their employees but again it does not provide total coverage of this expense. Fees may vary from school to school. If you have selected any top school at Dubai, you will find that some schools demand non- refundable amount as deposit to include your child name in waiting list only.



These are some major factors that affect on cost of living in Dubai for every expat. It is necessary to calculate cost of living in Dubai before making final decision to relocate in this city. Try to make an estimate for cost of living you will be paying there to live.

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