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2nd June 2013

With resources so easily available here in the UAE, it is easy to let do-it-yourself projects slip to the back burner. Still, taking on a project and seeing it all to the finish can fill you with a great sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment. So if you have a spare room or a garage you are not using, why not convert it into something a little more useful like a guest room or studio?

Sounds daunting? Follow Leslie Mason’s six steps to convert your spare room to a sparkling guest room.

The Plans

If your garage is detached from your home and you are going to convert your garage into a guest room, you might want to consider having plumbing installed in order to build a bathroom in order to accommodate your guests.

Pressure Wash

If your garage has been holding a lawnmower, car, or ATV, pressure washes your entire garage in order to rid it of any spilled gasoline or harmful fumes. You can also pressure wash the walls of your garage to get rid of any dust or cobwebs before you drywall over it.


One of the main things a garage conversion needs in order to suit guests is new flooring. Old garages typically have cracked and sloped floors that can be evened out with either new concrete floor or wooden planks in which you can lay another flooring over such as wood floor or tile.


Dry Wall is super easy to install and if a room is already framed, it can be done in just a couple of hours. Luckily, even old garages are already prepped for drywall and are ready to go. After you install the sheetrock, you just have to plaster over it, sand it, and prime it. Then it’s ready for paint which means you are one step closer to making your garage actual living space.

Garage Doors

Depending on the architecture of your home, you can either use the current garage door you have or you can replace the whole garage door with a large window or folding glass doors. The climate you live in will help you decipher which kind of garage doors to get, so be sure to get doors that can open easily because of the humidity.


Every studio or a guest room needs the basics: drywall, flooring, and doors but how you end up deciding to furnish your room will decipher what you will use it for. For a family room, all you need is a couch, television, coffee table, and room accessories. For a working studio, all you will need is a desk, a work table, and storage in order to organize your work. Now your project’s complete!

Author: Leslie Mason is a homemaker and garden expert. Leslie enjoys writing, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, and fixing up the house. Leslie has completed home improvement projects all across the globe from fixing doors in Calgary to repairing roofs in Africa.

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