The hidden gems in your backyard #2 – Alserkal in Al Quoz

Dubai has a lot more than shopping malls. In this series, we explore the greatest places you’ve never heard of, and they’re right near your home.

If you’re an art lover and live in Jumeirah, Barsha or even Business Bay, there’s a surprise waiting for you among the dusty warehouses and workshops just down the road.

The hidden headquarters of Dubai’s art community, Alserkal Avenue, behind Times Square in Al Quoz, is an eclectic mix of galleries and studios, showcasing the creative work of the Middle East’s leading artists.

Design Director, Laura McCabe says it’s the perfect place to escape and be inspired.

‘It’s so tranquil. I love visiting the galleries on the way back from meetings. It’s my way of de-stressing and reconnecting with my love of art,’ she said.

Home to over 20 creative groups, Alserkal Avenue boasts a broad mix of creativity. From venues like the Fridge, with musical concerts featuring everything from Cuban to classical and a cappella, to galleries like Ayyam, Barakat and Carbon 12, featuring exhibitions by prominent regional artists, you’re bound to find a little creative solace.

For Laura, the avenue’s location is somewhat ironic.

‘Driving around Al Quoz is always a battle. It’s dusty, noisy and hectic. But the moment you walk into a gallery, it’s like another world. It’s so still. It helps me remember why I wanted a creative career,’ she said.

Although no secret to Dubai’s art community, Alserkal Avenue is open to anyone who wants to experience the flourishing Middle East creative scene. The concerts are very affordable; and perhaps best of all, the galleries are free.

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