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25th September 2013

Everybody knows the tenants of being safe in the house. Here are some hidden home hazards we would like to highlight and encourage everyone to be aware of.

Bathroom – everybody knows that leaving the door to the bathroom open if you have a toddler is an accident waiting to happen, but did you know a baby can silently drown in a pool of water as little as 5 cm high? Always make sure you empty out buckets of water and never ever leave your child unattended in the bathroom.

Wires under the carpet – it might be unsightly to have all the cables and wires for your electrical appliance exposed. If you have chosen to run your extension cords and cable under your carpet or under a rug – beware. Over a period of time, the wires may arc and in the long run, start a fire.

Clothes dryer – even if you regularly clean out the lint filter in your clothes dryer, the appliance is still a fire hazard. Why? Lint can accumulate inside the dryer cabinet and over the course of time, the build-up could start a fire. To avoid this, hire a professional to clean your dryer out every two years.

Blocked windows – when you live in a small apartment, finding a place for all your things can be a challenge. While it is tempting to occupy every square foot with your furniture and possessions – take a closer look. In the event of a fire will you be able to make a quick exit? Is your sofa blocking your only way out of it? Alternatively, ensure your fire extinguisher is placed in an easily accessible place could be life-saving.

Blinds and cords – if a toddler gets tangled in a blind cord, all it will take is 20 seconds before he/she becomes a victim of strangulation.

Swimming pool – Did you know that a pool drain’s suction power is so strong, it can even hold down a fully grown adult underwater? Ensure your swimming pool has a safe vacuum release system for its drain – which shuts off the pump when a blockage is detected.

Greasy pans – leaving your pans and oven covered in grease is not just unhygienic, it could also be flammable.

Other facts

A child’s skin is 15 times thinner than an adult’s skin. Always keep hot drinks away from children – even if you think it has cooled down.

Did you know hair straighteners can get as hot as a clothes iron?

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