Moving out of your home for rent? Here are our top tips for tenants to remember in order to avoid last-minute difficulties and disputes.

Outstanding dues.

Have you cleared all outstanding dues? Consider cleaning costs, DEWA bills, cooling charges, internet bills, repair fees and other outstanding payments that you may owe your landlord at the time of moving out.


Conduct a thorough inspection of the property so that you are not held liable for repairs and damages, and get your security deposit back without deductions. If you have been living in a property that is fully or partly furnished, then make sure that you inspect and check the furniture for any damage and get it fixed by a professional.


Get the rented property spruced up thoroughly before you leave, so that its ‘ready to move in’ for the next tenant. Better still; ask your removals company to arrange for the cleaning and garden tidying service for you.


Do you need to fix anything around the property as part of your contractual obligations? Get it done and approved in advance.


Inform local suppliers of your phone, internet, or TV connections that you are moving out of the property and give them sufficient notice so that they can organize the final bills. Also, notify them about your new address.

Take all your belongings: If you leave anything behind at the property, please arrange with the landlord to collect your things as soon as possible. Landlords are not obligated to store your things forever and may end up disposing perishable goods and other items immediately, so it’s always best to take all your belongings with you.

Collect deposits.

Ensure that you collect your DEWA and other utility deposits before you leave the property.

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