Is your residential property vacant, fully furnished, and with DEWA and internet connection? Take advantage of the 10-20% added income when you list your property with us for short-term rental. Benefit from exposure through our website, customer database, as well as online booking portals.

Call 04 409 0995 or email [email protected] and Alisha, Head of Holiday Homes, will get in touch with you. Visit list your properties with us to know more about our short-term rental services.

At Betterhomes, we offer a range of solutions to ensure you are best return on your number one investment – your property! My name is Alisha, and I am the Head of the Holiday Homes Department.

Today I would like to introduce to you a modern solution to traditional leasing- short-term rentals.

Short-term rentals have become increasingly popular in the UAE market, this is because landlords have the ability to achieve a higher return on investments with full flexibility to utilize their own property or sell their property without being locked into lengthy contracts. We are currently seeing a demand for short term rental options from corporate travelers as well as tourists for any period from 5 days up until one year.

So if you have a fully furnished apartment, contact us today to find out how much income your can earn with short term rentals. Alisha Azzopardi

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