Abu Dhabi has ranked on top position among best cities to live in Middle East region. The reason behind achieving such fame is emirate’s good score on public utilities, education, public transport and entertainment facilities. Although, there are plenty of Abu Dhabi places providing accommodation for expats. But still it’s hard to find affordable accommodation due to high rent rates. But as this city is expanding to its neighboring islands, a considerable rise in property supply has observed that can reduce property rents. Expats, tourists and corporate travelers who are planning to relocate this city for short or long duration should know little about various Abu Dhabi places to take final decision about their accommodation here.


Following are some famous Abu Dhabi places which are renowned for their standard of living, lifestyle and amenities they provide to local and foreign residents.


Abu Dhabi’s Main Land (Khalifa City/Al Raha)

Main Land areas of emirate include two famous areas Kahlifa City and Al Raha.


Khalifa City

Kahlifa CityKhalifa City is a residential area of the city and subdivided into 3 phases Kahlifa City A, B, New Khalifa City. It is an upcoming residential area that is currently under construction and soon it will become new city centre after its completion. Despite this community is under construction, phase A has 600-700 houses. Residential property developments mainly consist of villas whereas commercial projects include commercial buildings and several international hotels. Remaining phases of this project are less developed as compare to (phase A). Major incentive to find accommodate here is low property rent. This community has number of schools that attract young families to accommodate themselves here. Possessing your own car is essential if you are thinking to obtain rental accommodation here because it’s very hard to find taxis and public transport. Residents can satisfy their taste buds by visiting few nice cafes located here. It also has small shops located near an Abela Supermarket for food and groceries.


Al Raha

Al RahaAl Raha is another major land development of Abu Dhabi main area, which consists of villas, apartments, shopping malls and several developments for residential and commercial use. Two major development of this area include Al Raha Beach (11 waterfront developments) and Al Raha Garden (low rise villas and regional retail centers). This community is now focusing to buildup schools, supermarkets and hotels in a few years to facilitate residents.


Family Friendly Abu Dhabi Places (Mangrove Village)

Family friendly Abu Dhabi Places (Mangrove Village)Mangrove Village is famous as one of the family friendly Abu Dhabi places. It is located at the intersection of Maqta Creek and Arabian Gulf on the edge of City. This community mainly consists of prestigious modern villa complexes besides sparkling and peaceful seaside. Mostly expats from the West show great interest to accommodate in this community. Villas available in this community are usually ranges from 3-4 bedrooms. Community also offers various ranges of urban facilities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna bath, health clubs tennis and basketball courts, children’s play area, a port for water sports lovers, daycare and nursery for infants, sea front café, supermarket and 24 hours security. Expats who don’t want to face lot of traffic prefer to live here. This village has 312 villas. It is calm and silent despite of children and pet’s noise. Almost there are no night life activities but those who really need some night time activity can visit Shangri-La Hotel and Souq Qaryat Al Beri located near to this community. It is suggested that singles don’t prefer this place to live. Parking is not an issue here. It is one of the best family friendly places to live here.


Abu Dhabi Places for Tourist’s Attractions

The two cosmopolitan areas of this emirate that are known to provide various attractions and entertainment activities for tourists are The Tourist Club and Al Markaziyah.


The Tourist Club

The Tourist clubThe Tourist club allow tourists to enjoy shopping trip at Abu Dhabi mall moreover Corniche (waterfront) is very appealing for expats and tourists who enjoy to go on leisure walk, jogging and cycling. It provides very vibrant and active night life as hotels have bars and clubs. Captain’s Arms in the Le Meridian and Sax in the Royal Meridien are the two famous places of this city. Accommodation options include high rise apartment buildings. Parking can be a problem and even some landlords charge thousand extra for providing parking space.



Al Markaziyah

Al MarkaziyahAl Markaziyah is again subdivided into to two parts south and east. This area is considered as heart of city as it has high rise apartment buildings, shops and stores. Around buildings large streets are running where at local markets shopkeepers are selling everything from holy water to carpets. As this suburb is centrally located in the city, it provides easy access to almost every place in the city. It means residents can easily visit various markets to purchase electronic items and general items. Residents and tourist can also enjoy several restaurants and shopping at supermarkets like Spinneys and a Lulu within easy walking distance. Schools are located in south region. Parking and finding a taxi can be problem. Traffic running there is in quite disorganized manner that make it really tough to cross the road.


Above given are few of the places that are best to live in Abu Dhabi. This post is the 1st part of the serious of two blog posts, so in the next post we will discuss more places that are famous for living and allow you to give an ultra ordinary lifestyle.


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Your positions continually have got a lot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just saying you are very resourceful. Thanks again http://yenixxx.micaze.com/amp/

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