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17th August 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home is spacious enough to have a play area just for your kids? How about a corner for yourself and a home where everyone could coexist and still be happy? As kids spend plenty of time staying indoors, it doesn’t mean they have to stay bored.

Running out of ideas to keep your little ones happy? Fret not! We’ve listed some creative activities and fun ideas to keep your little explorers entertained! Bar the word ‘boring’, redefine the meaning of playtime, and create fun exciting activities that will thrill your kids!

Here’s the list of inexhaustible and enjoyable things you can do. Remember, the mission is to have fun!

Keep calm and bake on.

You can always save the day with sprinkles!

When you were still young, at some point, you probably dreamt of becoming a hardcore baker. We’ve all been there, experimented every possible icing color we could ever think of! It’s your little ones’ turn now to become the world’s best bakers! Sprinkle their days with rainbows when you have them create their own donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and so much more. After all, happiness is homemade!

Bake with your kids at this amazing kitchen our Dubai property showcases.

Be a mermaid for a day!

Having a pool at your own home is a big advantage for the entire family. It’s safe to say kids wouldn’t say no for a dip! In fact, they have a thing for water being splashed around them, keeping their adrenaline pumping.

Give your kids unlimited fun when you move into our great properties, perfect for your mermaid wannabes!

Popcorn and pajamas movie night.

There’s just something about a sci-fi movie and a bucket of newly-heated popcorn that go together so well. Build forts, pillow barricades, and a superb little theatre with your kids. What’s more, you can ditch the theatres’ uncomfortable seats; lie down in your pajamas, be a little creative and pick themes that go with your chosen movie. May the force be with you!

Throw a movie night anytime with our Al Raha Property that boasts a spacious living room.

Turn your kid’s room into their favorite characters from a movie.

Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel movies are some of the most popular films kids follow. Whatever theme you could think of, the best part of designing their room is the opportunity to have some fun.

Since every kid yearns for something she or he loves—why not pivot the bedroom décor on that subject? Aside from working with your kid to decorate the room, you also get to spend quality time together; it adds incentive for your child to keep the space clean and tidy.

Consider the ideas shown in our Arabian Ranches property, decorated in one of the most popular kid’s bedroom themes.

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