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30th December 2013

Selling your home, whether it is because you are upscaling, downscaling, or leaving Dubai, can be a stressful experience.

If you are doing so because you have a growing family or are upgrading, then the euphoria can be enough to carry you along. However, if you are in the throes of leaving the vibrant city of Dubai, or, if you are an empty nester who has decided to sell the family home, then you are far better off taking steps as simple and stress free as possible.

The Dubai real estate market is such that 2014 could well be an advantageous time to sell, meaning you have that on your side when you list your property. But, potential buyers can be a demanding bunch, for example, wanting to carry out viewings during unsociable hours. It can be hard to say “no” if you are keen to sell, leading to disruption to your home life and extra stress in the run up to your move.

The solution is fairly simple – hold an open house, particularly if you live in one of Dubai’s prime real estate areas such as Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, Downtown, or Jumeirah, as demand for viewings is likely to be high.

Happy home

An open house gives potential buyers the time to get more of a feel for your home. They will often be much more relaxed and able to have a proper look round than they would be in the traditional one to one viewings.

One of the greatest assets in selling a home is someone who has enjoyed living there, who is enthusiastic about their place of residence and the local amenities on offer. Our agents can of course do this at length, as that is their job, but, buyers are likely to be just as convinced by the person who has lived in the villa, apartment, or townhouse, as they speak from experience.

To get you started on the road to selling success, try these seven simple steps to Open House heaven:

Keep your house clean

If you do not already have a maid or a housekeeper, consider hiring one on a temporary basis to keep your place looking spic and span so there will be less for you to do before the event. A professional cleaner will pick up on any areas that need an intensive clean that you may have stopped noticing over the months or years. Take a good, long look at your home and decide what you can live without because buyers like to feel like they have plenty of space to make their own mark on a home. You will be moving out anyway so it is also a good time to start reducing your possessions. Options include sending them to your destination, be it your new home, our next posting, store them, or sell or dispose of what you do not need.


It may be a cliché, but fresh flowers or the scent of brewing coffee, baking bread, or something fragrant but not overpowering will make a potential buyer feel at home as soon as they set foot in the place.

To be there or not to be there

If you do not really want to sell but have to for reasons beyond your control, it may be best to be out during your open house. The sight of buyers casting a critical eye over your beloved abode will only heighten the agony, and will not help create a happy, relaxed atmosphere. If, however, you feel able to be bright, breezy, and friendly to potential buyers, then, by all means, be there to greet them.

Be strict about the date and time

The point of holding an open house is to take control of the selling process, so, potential buyers can show up when you want them to, not whenever they feel like it, so, do not let them turn up at alternative times if you can avoid it. If your first attempt does not yield the results you are hoping for, you can always hold another at a later date. Make sure you give at least a week’s notice but remember that anyone who is serious about buying your property will make an effort to be there.


It sounds obvious, but if you choose to be there when the open house takes place, remember to smile and be enthusiastic about your abode and give the sense that you have enjoyed living there.

A little something extra

If you offer your potential buyers hospitality such as coffee, tea, juices, or some light snacks, sweets, or dates, they will feel welcome and at home and therefore more likely to take a serious interest in your property.

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