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29th November 2015

Looking for a new place? You may already know what you want and you probably have your heart set on a specific neighborhood. Sure you’re looking to rent properties in Dubai for just a year, but before signing on the dotted line, it’s important you know what you’re signing up and paying for.

Here are the 6 most important things to consider before you start your apartment hunt or sign a lease to rent properties in Dubai.

1. What is included in the rent?

Find out if utilities, gas, electricity, and parking are included in the monthly rent when you rent properties in Dubai. Keep in mind that sometimes extras may come with limitations, so don’t assume anything. Before signing a lease, ask your landlord or management company exactly what is and is not included, so that you remain clear about how living there will affect your budget and lifestyle.

2. Identify and fix existing problems.

Make sure the landlord fixes preexisting damages such as broken shower tiles before you move in and rent properties in Dubai. Ensure that such damages are included in the contract so that you don’t lose your security deposit or get charged when you move out.

3. What happens if there is a leak or a maintenance problem?

Some buildings have on-site managers or landlords who live there. Sometimes you could hire a service but only during business hours. Find out how you are expected to report an emergency and how quickly you will be attended to because having to call a plumber on your own when your landlord won’t answer you could leave you with a hefty bill.

4. What would it take to break the lease agreement?

What if you need to move when you are six months into your annual lease? Before signing, find out the penalties for breaking the lease. Read the lease termination section of your tenancy contract so you understand what will happen if you need to move before your lease expires. Breaking a lease may cause you to forfeit your security deposit and if you have a roommate co-signing your lease agreement, he/she could be held liable for the balance of the lease.

5. What would customizing cost you?

If you wish to paint the walls blue, have the landlord approve your color choices before signing the lease. Similarly, if you want to upgrade or refurbish by installing your own lighting or built-in closets, you must get permission as your landlord may consider it damage to the property and fine you.

6. What is the pet policy?

Does your family include four-legged furballs? Many properties have strict pet policies, so don’t assume that you can just sneak ‘him/her’ in without anyone noticing.

Most of all, before you sign, ensure that the lease agreement incorporates everything you verbally discussed with the landlord. Make sure everything is clearly spelled out because remember: if it’s not in writing, it’s not binding.

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