Dubai rent prices are on the rise again. So if you’re looking to move into a new apartment or villa it pays to do your homework first to ensure you’re getting the best deal in the area that’s right for you.

This infographic gives you a snapshot of Dubai rent prices this year from our own databases. If you’re looking to rent, you’ll see some fascinating comparisons of areas. While if you’re a potential buyer, you’ll get a great sense of the areas with real investment potential.

Here’s the top line: suburbs further inland were more stable, with modest rental price increases, while sought after areas, such as Downtown and Marina, saw steep price increases this year.

So if you’re looking for close proximity to schools, or the metro, or shopping centres then get ready to pay more. Living further away in developing suburbs will save you money, but can you handle the inconveniences?

Happy home hunting and don’t forget to tell us what you think of Dubai rent prices and your experiences searching for the perfect place to call home.

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