For those of you who have moved to Dubai, who are thinking about moving over here, or who are just interested in learning about the city of sun, sand and supercars, you can subscribe to this series to hear about my journey and the things I am learning along the way! Many of us at Betterhomes understand the ups and downs involved with creating a new home in Dubai and if you are doing the same, it can help to hear about it from somebody else in a similar position. I’ll be sharing my honest advice, knowledge and struggles here as a young Brit living abroad for the first time, to hopefully entertain and inform you with my experiences as I start my new life in the desert.

Over 80% of people living in Dubai are expats and now I have joined them, too. I have recently moved out here, like so many others, to develop myself both professionally and personally, experience a new culture and enjoy the sunny weather all year round. I am originally from Epsom Downs in Surrey, which has been home for my entire life, until I made the big move to the Middle East! Although there are so many expats here from all over the world, I have found that many of the ideas people outside of the UAE tend to have about life here are based on misconceptions! So, behind Britain’s wild and sensationalised news coverage of the Middle East and all of those ‘living the dream’ Instagram posts, where does the reality really lie?

I have been here for 4 months now, and my first post in the series describes what it’s like to spend Christmas abroad for the first time in the UAE. For many, the season is synonymous with snowy scenes, time off work and Christianity, so it can be difficult to imagine how expats celebrate here. It is different, but perhaps not in the ways you might expect! So, what is it really like to spend Christmas in the UAE?

Crystal Vera McClelland

Social Media & Marketing Executive

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