Abu Dhabi has been the richest emirate among all seven emirates. It also has 10% of total oil reserves in the world. The capital city possess very strong potential to become business and trade center of UAE, but it often didn’t get proper attention of investors and developers due to its fast growing neighbor Dubai. Most of the developers and investors prefer to work in Dubai as Abu Dhabi Government didn’t support huge investments in real estate sector and primarily focus to improve facilities to extract oil from reservoirs. After realizing the fact that oil reservoirs are scarce and nation cannot depend on single scarce resource, State Government started taking interest to support investors and developers, willing to invest and construct city’s infrastructure. Now days various developers have invested huge money in residential and commercial real estate sectors to reshape Abu Dhabi like a true capital city. Developers are working on proper plans and work to establish structural framework for the city without demolishing its heritage, culture and natural environment. Currently the emirate has gained much attention and investors have started making huge investments in mega construction developments in the city.


Abu Dhabi Master Planned Projects

All Abu Dhabi projects are master planned to meet the need. Following are top ten master planned Abu Dhabi projects.


1. Capital City

Capital City is an ambitious real estate development launched by Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council in year 2009. The development is located at a strategic location, between Abu Dhabi International Airport and Mohammed bin Zayed City. It is a master planned scheme, which is designed to execute future needs of the capital Emirate in year 2030. It will set a new standard in construction sector and will accommodate federal ministries and foreign embassies. The project is carefully designed to sustain natural environment, economic development cultural heritage and social harmony of the region. It will serve as the new downtown of the capital city that will spread over total area of 4,900 hectare. The development is unique in a sense that it will provide alternative ways of transportation like trams, trains and shaded walkways with an aim to reduce dependency on cars.


2. Capital Centre

Capital Center is currently under construction. It will be a major mixed used development located around Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Aloft Abu Dhabi Hotel and Capital Gate. Comprising of 23 towers, this development will provide modern and well equipped residences, hotels and commercial office space. The project has 6 branded hotels, 4 commercial buildings, 8 residential and serviced complexes and 5 mixed use developments. Capital Center also has 2.3k waterfront Marina Zone, a monorail, Galleria, a shopping mall with restaurant area, retail outlet and cinema. The most prominent feature is a 35 storey iconic tower Capital Gate, which will be capable to provide space for 200+ room space for 5 hotels and 20,000 square meters of office and retail space. Total area of the project is 8,000,000 square feet (740,000 m2). This land area was previously occupied by Old Abu Dhabi Exhibition center and car parking.


3. Masdar City

Masdar City is an entirely unique real estate development consists of seven phases. It is expected to be completed in 2022 with a total budget of 52 billion dollars. Project developers have planned to make this city 100% environmental friendly with zero-carbon and zero-waste production. Once completed, it will be able to accommodate to 50,000 residents. Masdar City will also include a university, commercial office space and eco-friendly industrial area. The whole development will utilize solar energy harvested at photovoltaic farms. Even water desalination plants also run on solar energy. Moreover, automobiles will not allow in the city, and residents will travel via public mass transit and personal rapid transit systems using existing road and railways connecting this neighborhood with rest of the city. The project will also build Masdar Headquarters, which will be the world’s first power house producing more energy than its consumption with zero carbon emission. It will be world’s greenest building with zero liquid and solid waste.


4. Khalifa City

Khalifa City is a well known, brand new master-planned metropolis development that will be covering 49 million square meters. It will be expected to complete in 2030. The project has been designed to execute accommodation needs in future. It will also provide commercial office space for federal ministry and local government, international hotels and foreign embassies. The scheme can be subdivided into 3 suburbs, including Khalifa City A (600-700 houses adjacent to Al Raha Beach), Khalifa City B and New Khalifa City. The new Khalifa City is located between these the Khalifa City A and B. Aldar Properties are working as primary developer with total budget of around $40 billion.


5. Al Reem Island

Al Reem Island is another master planned mixed used development with huge budget of $30 billion located on a natural island just 600 meters away from the main island of Abu Dhabi. The island has total land area of 6.5 million square meters. Emirate’s famous developers Reem Investments, Sorouh and Tamouh are actively taking part to develop several mega property developments on this island. The project possesses separate districts for residential, commercial and business developments. Business district will consist of several 40-50 storey buildings as well as two super tall 80 story buildings that will be capable to provide accommodation for 80,000 people. Other major developments will include schools, golf courses, shopping malls, hospitals and art galleries. Al Reem Island is expected to complete in 2018 housing 200,000 residents.


6. Al Raha Beach

Al Raha Beach is also grouped among mega construction schemes in capital emirate that will become the finest waterfronts on international levels. Waterfront will further subdivide in to 11 sub districts. Construction work has already stared in late 2006 and it is expected to complete in 2018. The whole development is spread over 6.8 million square meters with total built-up area of 12 million square meters. In future it will serve as a gateway to Abu Dhabi. It will be capable to accommodate 120,000 residents in 60 storey residential towers and low-rise residential developments. It has total cost of $14.7 billion.


7. Ghantoot Green City

Ghantoot Green City occupying important location between new developments in Dubai, like Waterfront and Al-Maktoum International Airport, new Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone of Taweelah area in capital emirate, which is also very close to Abu Dhabi International airport. It is a mixed used development that cost around $30 billion. International Capital Trading is the main project developer working on it. Like other master planned Abu Dhabi projects, it will have separate residential and commercial developments like residential towers, office buildings, warehouses and light industrial areas. This multi billion development will spread over 60 square kilometers. It can be further subdivided in to 12 phases. The first phase will be covering 6.2 sq km, whereas total built-up area for phase will be 18.5 million sq m. The residential properties and hotels will be built along the coast. Construction work was stared in year 2010 and it is expected to be completed in year 2020.


8. Mohammad Bin Zayed City

Mohammed Bin Zayed City is a fast progressing master planned neighborhood that is located on the driving distance of 20 min and 10 min between Central Business District and the airport respectively. It also has huge budget of $7 billion. It will consist of 349 residential towers, with sufficient public, commercial, retail and recreational facilities. The development has total area of 5 million square meters, which are properly landscaped possessing all infrastructure facilities. The community is well equipped with modern infrastructure facilities, landscaping and other community amenities. Upon completion, it will be capable to accommodate 85,000 people.


9. Etihad Towers

Etihad Towers is designed by DBI design an Australian architectural design company. The development is located at the most attractive and exclusive beach side of Al Ras Al Akhdar district of Abu Dhabi with in close proximity of world-famous Corniche. It has designed to provide luxurious living space and excellent dining, retail and shopping facilities for its residents and guests well equipped office space for entrepreneurs. Etihad Towers is a mixed used development that consists of five towers from 56 to 79 floors, four levels basement car parking for more than 5,000 cars and a large multilevel podium. Construction work was started in July 2006 and completed in year 2010. The design, construction work and lighting has carried out in detail to create a perfect atmosphere. The development is listed in landmarks of UAE due to its unique and breathtaking design.


10. Saraya & Danat

Saraya and Danat are the two mixed used developments located on Corniche. Total project cost of Saraya is 1.4 billion. Saraya is expected to complete in the end of 2015. It will provide premium residences and commercial office space. Main features include high class accommodation, modern offices, lush green gardens, parks and leisure facilities along with hotel and serviced apartments to accommodate tourists and holiday makers. It will spread over the area of 136,000 sqm. Whereas, Danat is also a mixed use real estate development consist of 23 storey tower that provide residential apartments, hotel, retail and office space. It costs around $ 2.5 billion and it spread over 55,390 square meters. Residential apartments range between studio apartments to one, two or three bedrooms.

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