Dubai can be a good place for those who love to work in multicultural environment with numerous opportunities to work in highly progressing environment. Besides offering good business and career opportunities, this city also possesses rich history you can explore. People are migrating to this city in the search for good job opportunities to live decent life with security. Best thing about this city is that it provides good career opportunities and investment options for those who comes this place with clear idea of what they are going to do here? Following are the top ten reasons to live in Dubai.


1. Dubai’s Life Style

Dubai's Life StyleIf you compare minimum living standard or life style of this place, you will find it is always improving all the time. And the rate of improvement is quite higher than other fast progressing economies of the world. Life style options are diverse. This place offer world class infrastructure and quality products that enhances lifestyle and let you live your life as you want to. You can also afford luxury living in one of the posh area of this city. As huge numbers of people are considering this emirate to live, the cost of living has considerably increased. This has also increased rents of Dubai short term rental properties.


2. Weather of the City

Dubai WeatherCity has a good weather around 8 to 9 months of the year that allows everyone to enjoy almost all outdoor activities and beaches available here. It has beautiful sunshine everyday of the year. The weather is usually warm and pleasant all over the city. Only the summer months give tough time to residents and visitors. Temperature goes high in 40’s during June and September that makes this place less inviting during summer time period. But you can find various festivals and shopping galas during this season. The major cause of arranging such activities during summer season is to attract more visitors and travelers even in off season. This increases city’s earning that it makes with short term rental or Dubai holiday rental properties. As compared to summer, winters are very pleasant and temperature goes to mid 20’s.


3. Stable Economy

Stable EconomyDubai’s Economy is one of the stable economies of the world. Dubai’s currency Emirati dirham AED is also a valued currency and if you compare it US Dollars you will find that one US $ is equal to AED 3.67. This makes city’s currency very stable that directly effect on economy of this city. And economy showed stability. Initially, this emirate has total GDP growth below 10% but now days it displays fastest growth in economy. Its economy is considered as one of the fastest growing economies of developing countries of the world.


4. Zero Tax

Zero TaxEmirate offers tax free living for everyone. Whether you are employed in any organization or you are running your own business in this city, you will not ask to pay any kind of taxes on your income. Moreover, State Government also offers various advantages and benefits for investors who have setup their business in free zone area in city. There are no other taxes like capital gain tax or corporation taxes in Dubai. Even it has now become possible to own a Dubai property due to freehold law of property ownership. These things have made this city a perfect place to live and invest your money.


5. Fun and Leisure Activities at Dubai

ActivitiesDubai is not only a land of opportunities for business and job seekers rather it also has much for travelers, visitors and holiday makers across the world. Travelers and migrants have unlimited fun activities to enjoy any time even during night time. There are such a huge variety of activities and events available for people of all age groups. Those migrants who are living here must check social and fun activities during night. This city provides very impressive entertainment activities as nightlife entertainment. You can find bars, pubs and clubs to make your nights full of fun. This shows that people living in this city will not get bore and will have various fun places to entertain themselves.


6. Dubai-A well Connected and Easy to Reach Destination

Easy to reach destinationsThis emirate is well connected with various major countries of the world. It has one of the busiest airports in world that is a home for various airlines that operates flights from Dubai to almost every corner of the world. If you think accessibility is the issue that doesn’t let you to live in this city then just forget it. You can get direct flights to almost all major cities of the world. Airlines also offer connected flights to distant places. Emirates Air line is a national airline of UAE that is world famous for its top class services. It air crew staff can speak and understand minimum 7-8 languages.


7. Educational Facilities for Children

Better EducationA huge range of schools and educational institutes are located on different locations that offers different curriculum to students. You can find information about curriculum, annual fee and method of teaching of any specific school via website. If you are living with your family and kids it is suggested to choose accommodation place near to school. This will save you from traffic jam issues that are really horrible for anyone. Expatriates from UK and USA have great choices of schools in UAE because almost all schools follow British and US curriculum. Other schools are offering curricula according to home country’s education system include Indian, Pakistani, Australian, German, and French. These schools are located in Dubai and Sharjah.


8. Breath Taking Buildings and Low Cost Dubai Property

Low cost Dubai PropertiesAs we know State Government of the city is investing huge money in construction and building in order to progress economy of this city. You will find breath taking buildings and skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and places like Palm Jumeirah and the World Dubai. If you specifically compare property prices of this city with property prices in real estate market of Europe, you will find that this city offers more of your money. Houses here are more luxirous and comfortable as compared to Europe.


9. Amazing Shopping Malls of Dubai

Shopping Malls in DubaiThis emirate is world famous for its luxurious and exceptionally renovated shopping malls. This city is a shopping haven for everyone including expats, tourists and visitors who are visiting this city for short time periods. Irrespective to the budget constraints shoppers will find best shopping opportunities at countless high end shopping malls and traditional gold and spice souks of Dubai. Buyers can purchase almost everything from clothes, shoes, kitchen, household items, gold and spices at much affordable rate. Whereas those who love to buy branded items can enjoy shopping at shopping malls. Even duty free shop is world famous for its huge variety, prices and excellent environment. Shopping can become a real fun during Dubai Shopping Festival that held during January and February and Summer Surprises during June and August. Buyers get the opportunity to buy world leading brands at excellent discount rates.


10. Cultural Events and Sports Activities

Events and ActivitiesExpats working and living in Dubai belong to 180 different nationalities across the world. Due to such diversity of expat’s cultures, this city celebrate various events and festivals thorough out the year. Theater and Art exhibitions have become a major part of this city. City is also famous for its sports event. This city regularly arranges mega sports events like Tennis, Golf, Horse Racing and Rugby. Sports lover can watch and enjoy some of the best sportsman in the world.

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