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Reasons to live in Dubai
3rd July 2012

Here are our top reasons why you should live and invest in Dubai real estate

The weather! Dubai is sunny year-round. For about eight to nine months, the weather in Dubai is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities and gorgeous beaches! The summer months are typically the only time when the weather poses a problem, the temperature during the months between June and September often going into the 40’s.

Live in Dubai.

Tax-free haven.

Tax-free haven

In Dubai, everything you earn is yours to spend. There are numerous dedicated business free zone areas like Dubai Media City and Jebel Ali Free Zone, plus there is no income or capital gains tax – great news for residents and businesses. Companies here also offer competitive compensation packages that include health insurance, 30 days of holidays per annum and annual tickets to their home country. Add to this the ability to own your own property, and the Dubai lifestyle is just near perfect.

Low cost of the property.

Low cost of the property

Compared to other real estate markets, Dubai real estate offers great value for money. Properties here are more luxurious, and also offer a huge range of facilities. Choose the right agent, pick the right property and Dubai real estate ownership can be a very rewarding experience.


dubai police

You can feel safe living in Dubai, as the city is regarded as being one of the world’s top five safest cities to live. Crime levels here are very low. The UAE has a strict policy of deporting criminals, and given that the majority of the population comprises of expats, adds to the safety factor.

Multicultural workforce.

Multicultural workforce

Work and connect with people from different countries, something you may not have the chance to explore back home.

No language barrier.

Only speak English? Don’t worry. English is an important language of communication amongst the majority of people who live and work in Dubai. Meetings are mostly conducted in English and many of the local population speak and understand the language, making it easy to conduct business.

Strategic location.

Strategic location

Aside from being a world class business hub, Dubai is less than 7 hours of flying time from some of the world’s major commercial destinations. The city also features well-planned infrastructure to cope with the increasing influx of expats and visitors to the region.

World-class entertainment.

sky dive

Dubai isn’t all about the malls and skyscrapers. Love the outdoors? From jet skiing, snowboarding, golfing, windsurfing, desert rides, and water sports, Dubai has all the activities you can think of. Culturally, the city has a lot to offer from big concerts to art galleries, plays, exhibitions and fine-dining options from all around the world.

Combine all this with a high standard of living, low crime, vibrant nightlife, and great weather, and you can experience Dubai lifestyle which is rarely surpassed elsewhere in the world.

Stable economy.

stable economy

Dubai’s Economy is one of the stable economies of the world. Dubai’s currency Emirati dirham AED is also a valued currency and if you compare it US Dollars you will find that one US $ is equal to AED 3.67. This makes the city’s currency very stable that directly affects the economy of this city. And the economy showed stability. Initially, this emirate has total GDP growth below 10% but nowadays it displays the fastest growth in the economy. Its economy is considered as one of the fastest-growing economies of developing countries of the world.

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