Despite of being third largest UAE’s emirate with respect to land area, Sharjah is also famous as a fascinating land of contrasts, which is perfectly displaying a beautiful combination of old and new. Residents and visitors will experience a beautiful blend of ancient cultural traditions with latest state of the art facilities of today’s modern world. The unique geographical location on world trade routes and closeness with Dubai the trade hub of United Arab Emirates has made this emirate popular among expat workers, tourists and holiday makers.

Soon after the discovery of oil in 1972, the emirate has been showing gradual progress and redefining its old image of small palm-frond, “arish” houses and hugging creeks to a modern city extending along the UAE’s east coast. Most of the modern construction developments started during 1970s. The emirate has become a cultural center of Middle East and houses a significant collection of museums, traditional Arab Souqs, modern mega malls and cricket stadiums. The emirate consists of several remarkable areas that are known as city centers of this emirate. Abu Shagara, Maysaloon, Al Majaz, Al Qasimia Al Taawun, Al Nahda Al qasbaa Al Yarmook and Al Rolla are few renowned residential neighborhoods of this emirate that are famous for providing comfortable and affordable accommodation, daily life amenities and easy access to major city attractions.

Those who are willing to relocate Sharjah must want to know about the suitable areas for finding affordable rental accommodation. Below is the list of residential sub rubs in Sharjah, which have become popular among tenants due to standard of living and lifestyle amenities they are providing to its residents.

Al Nahda

Al Nahda holds first position in popularity graph among migrant workers and expats working in Dubai and Sharjah, due to its unique geographical location at the eastern border of Deira, Dubai and also forms a part of Sharjah. It is known to provide affordable rental accommodation for migrant workers and expats. UAE Real estate agents and professionals have reported huge demand in 1 and 3 bedroom apartments for rent. Besides providing easy access to Dubai, the community also provides excellent daily life amenities like schools, medical centers, shopping centers and supermarkets. Lulu Hypermarket and Sahara Center are area’s famous retail centers whereas Al Deyafa Medical Centre, Sunny Al Nahda Medical Centre and Dr. Kamkar Medical & Physiotherapy Centre are efficiently executing medical and health needs of residents. Neighborhood also provides luxury accommodation for tourists and travelers. Al Hayat Hotel Suites, Ramada Sharjah and Marhaba Resort Sharjah are few renowned short stay options of the area that provide comfortable accommodation for all kind of visitors.

Expats from foreign countries and migrants from other emirates can enjoy comfortable accommodation on affordable rents with easy access to daily life amenities.

Al Khan

Al Khan is also a well equipped residential community offering range of daily life amenities and facilities. It not only provides affordable living for tenants rather it is also a famous spot for tourism and holiday making. The neighborhood has the safest beach of United Arab Emirates extending from old village in Al Khan to Al Layyeh Power Station. The beach is equally a favorite place for tourists and local residents for spending leisure time. Al Qasba is another vibrant place located in this region where a stone bridge connects two parallel walkways divided by a canal. On the other end of Al Qasba Al Khan Lagoon provides wide pathway, which is a pleasant place to relax and enjoy. You can enjoy walking, shopping and dining under the shadow of palm trees in shops and restaurants scattered on both sides of walkways. Al Safeer Mall, Al Tawuun Mall and Sharjah City Center are providing excellent shopping and retail facilities for everyone. Other recreational spots include Safaiya Park, which is located just adjacent to Arab Cultural Club. Famous residential projects include Qanat Al Qasba, Taawun Towers, Beach Towers, Al Khan Lagoon Tower, AL Shahd Tower and Al Waha Residence. The community also houses range of schools, banks, health centers (Anglo Arabian Health Care), gyms, cinema and post office to serve community residents. Al Rolla Computer Institute, Emirates Institute of Banking & Financial Studies Sharjah, AL Hilal Education institute and Al Zuhour Private School are few renowned educational institutes.

Al Majaz

Al Majaz is Sharjah’s upcoming suburb, which is expecting to fulfill accommodation needs of people who are relocating to the emirate to settle down and tourists and travelers visiting UAE for holiday or business trip. Affordable rental housing options mainly found in residential towers like Al Majaz 3, Al Durrah Centre, Crystal Plaza (new residential) and Bukhamseen Tower. Whereas, luxury hotels like Aryana Hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel and Holiday Inn successfully fulfill lodging needs of travelers and visitors. It is one of the populated residential areas in the emirate. Developers and investors are taking great interest to construct and rebuild its famous Al Majaz Park. The project will become a beautiful waterfront and will emerge as the newest entertainment and leisure destination for everyone. Moreover, the community also offers satisfactory health, education, dining and retail facilities for area residents and tourists.

Al Qasimia

Al Qasimia is located very near to Al Itthad Road, King Faisal Street and Conniche Road Sharjah. It also provides comfortable living for everyone in apartment complexes. Famous residential projects are Manazil Tower 1 and Sun Light Tower. The suburb also offers modern retail and shopping facilities to entertain tourist, visitors and area residents. Mega Mall, Sharjah City Center and Al Safeer Mall are few well known shopping outlets serving this community. Moreover, residents and tourists visiting Al Qasimia can enjoy sitting and having food at area’s restaurants serving local and foreign cuisines.

These residential neighborhoods have become top choice for tenants who cannot afford expensive accommodation. Besides affordable rents, they can also avail daily life necessities like retail, health and educational facilities in their area.

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